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An interior is an area in the game that is not rendered as part of the "outside world". This technique is used in Vice City, San Andreas, LCS, and VCS. The interior is not seen in the outside world and has to be loaded through the IPL file or the script file. By default, the outside world has the render level "0", which doesn't act as an interior.


In the INST section in Vice City and San Andreas, the third column denotes the render level ("interior number") of the object. Objects can only be viewed within a level; objects on other levels will not load and cannot be viewed.

For San Andreas only, you can create an access points to interiors using the ENEX section of the IPL file.


For Vice City, you have to use the script to create an access to interiors. San Andreas can also use the script to create an access to interiors.


You can use the following opcodes to do stuff to related to interiors.

Vice City

04BB - Selects the interior number of the world.
04F9 - Sets the interior colors
04FA - Resets the interior colors to default
0566 - Links an object to an interior number

San Andreas

04BB - Selects the interior number of the world.
04F9 - Sets the interior colors
04FA - Resets the interior colors to default
0566 - Links an object to an interior number
077E - Gets the active interior number
07B0 - Gets the active interior name
07FB - Toggles the interior markers to show
0840 - Links a vehicle to an interior number
0860 - Links a pedestrian to an interior number
0864 - Toggles the interior markers at that point to show
08AD - Places a pedestrian into an interior without linking it to an interior
08DC - Creates an ornamental interior marker
094B - Gets a pedestrian's active interior name (not tested)
098E - Unknown opcode related to interiors
09E8 - Gets a pedestrian's current interior number


This is a list of interior numbers and their corresponding areas used in the games.

Vice City

In Vice City, there are a few interiors that are hardcoded to play ambient music. Those that play ambient music will disable in-car radio stations. All interiors but interior 13 disable ambient noise normally heard in the normal world. Interior 13 retains that ambient noise.

Number Interior Notes
1 Ocean View Hotel Plays Hotel.mp3
2 Diaz's Mansion/Vercetti Estate
3 El Banco Corrupto Grande
4 North Point Mall Plays MallAmb.mp3
5 Pole Position Club Plays Strip.mp3
6 Ken Rosenburg's office
7 Cafe Robina
8 Love Fist concert hall
9 Love Fist recording studio
10 Shooting Range
11 Apartment 3C, Greasy Choppers
12 VCPD HQ, Auntie Poulet's
13 unused retains normal ambient noise
14 Dirt Ring Plays DirtRing.mp3
15 Bloodring Plays DirtRing.mp3
16 Hotring Plays DirtRing.mp3
17 The Malibu Club Plays Malibu.mp3
18 Print Works

San Andreas

Number Name Description
1 ABATOIR Sindacco Abattoir
1 AMMUN1 Ammu-Nation
1 CARMOD1 TransFender
1 FDREST1 World of Coq
1 GF1 Denise's
1 JETINT Shamal interior
1 LACS1 Sub Urban
1 LAHS1B House
1 MAFCAS Caligulas Casino
1 MAFCAS2 Penthouse Suites
1 - Saint Mark's
1 SMASHTV Warehouse
1 - Stadium with wooden sandbox
1 SVVGHO1 Hotel Suite
1 SWEETS Sweet's House
1 - Trailer
1 TSDINER Truck Stop
1 WUZIBET Wu Zi Mu's
2 BARBERS Barber
2 BDUPS1 B Dup's Crack Palace
2 CARMOD2 Loco Low Co.
2 CARTER Smoke's Crack Palace
2 GF2 Katie's
2 LAHS1A House
2 LASTRIP Strip Club
2 RYDERS Ryder's Place
2 SVVGHO2 Hotel Suite
2 VGHSB1 House
2 VGHSB3 House
2 - Salvatore's Caligula room
3 BARBER2 Barber
3 BDUPS B Dup's apartment
3 BIKESCH Bike School
3 BROTHL1 Whore House
3 CARLS The Johnson House
3 CARMOD3 Wheel Arch Angels
3 CHANGER Wardrobe
3 CSSPRT Pro-Laps
3 DRIVES Driving School
3 DRIVES2 Driving School
3 GENOTB Inside Track Betting
3 GF3 Helena's
3 LAHSB4 House
3 PAPER Planning Department
3 PDOMES The Pleasure Domes
3 PDOMES2 The Pleasure Domes
3 SEXSHOP Sex Shop
3 S1TEST Middle of nowhere
3 STRIP2 Strip Club
3 STUDIO Blastin' Fools Records studio
3 TATTO3 Tattoo Parlor
4 AMMUN2 Ammu-Nation
4 DINER1 Diner
4 DIRBIKE Dirt Stadium
4 GF4 Michelle's
4 LAHS2A House
4 LAHSS6 House
4 SFHSM2 House
4 X711S2 24-7
5 CSDESGN Victim
5 DINER2 Diner
5 FDPIZA Pizza Stack
5 GANG Vagos Gang House
5 GF5 Barbara's
5 GYM1 Ganton Gym
5 LACRAK Crack Den
5 LAHSB3 House
5 MADDOGS Madd Dogg's Crib
5 MDDOGS Madd Dogg's Crib
5 SFHSB1 House
5 SVHOT1 Hotel Suite
5 VGHSM2 House
6 AMMUN3 Ammu-Nation
6 AMMUN5 Ammu-Nation
6 BROTHEL Whore House
6 GF6 Millie's
6 GYM2 Cobra Marital Arts
6 LAHSB1 House
6 RCPLAY Zero's RC Shop
6 REST2 Secret Valley
6 SFHSB2 House
6 SFHSS2 House
6 SVCUNT Safe House
6 SVSFBG Safe House
6 SVSFSM Safe House
6 X7_11S 24-7
7 8TRACK 8-Track Stadium
7 AMMUN4 Ammu-Nation
7 GYM3 Below the Belt Gym
7 LAHSB2 House
7 OFTEST Middle of nowhere
8 BURHOUS Colonel Fuhrberger's
8 SFHSS1 House
8 SVLAMD Safe House
9 - Andromada cargo hold
9 FDCHICK Cluckin' Bell
9 LAHS2B House
9 SFHSB3 House
9 SVGNMT2 Motel room
9 SVVGMD Safe House
10 DESHOUS Abandoned AC tower
10 FDBURG Burger Shot
10 SVGNMT1 Motel room
10 TRICAS The Four Dragon's
10 - The Four Dragon's Casino's maintenance room
10 SVSFMD Safe House
10 VGHSM3 House
10 X711S3 24-7
10 - Zero's No Man's Land
11 BAR2 Bar
11 SVLASM Safe House
12 BARBER3 Barber
12 CASINO2 Casino Floor
12 MOROOM Motel room
12 SVLABIG Safe House
14 CSEXL Didier Sachs
14 AIRPOR2 Los Santos International Airport
14 AIRPORT Francis Intl. Airport
15 CSCHP Binco
15 MOTEL1 Jefferson Motel
15 SFHSM1 House
15 VGHSS1 House
15 VGSHM2 House
15 VGSHM3 House
15 VGSHS2 House
16 - Stadium with giant round circular raised platform in middle
16 TATTOO Tattoo Parlor
16 X7_11C 24-7
17 BAR1 Bar
17 DAMIN Generator Hall
17 FDDONUT Rusty Brown's
17 TATTO2 Tattoo Parlor
17 X7_11D 24-7
18 ATRIUME Atrium
18 ATRIUMX Attrium
18 GENWRHS Warehouse
18 UFOBAR Lil' Probe Inn
18 X7_11B 24-7
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