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Vice City's spath0.dat map

spath*.dat files are plain text script path files used only in Vice City to attach and move map objects along a path. These files are located in the ..\data\paths folder in the Vice City directory. These files, which mainly contain coordinates, can be controlled by the main.scm script file. By default, Vice City has only one script path file, spath0.dat, which controls Cortez's yacht in the mission "All Hands On Deck!" Additional script path files can be created by incrementing the number at the end of the file name by one, i.e., spath1.dat, spath2.dat, etc.

The concept of script paths were preceded by binary chase*.dat files from GTA III and are succeeded by the binary R3 file format in San Andreas and GTA IV.


Vice City Identifier Type Description
Section 1
A NumNodes integer The number of lines that are to be read from the file.
Section 2
A,B,C X, Y, Z float[3] X, Y, Z coordinates, each line linked to create a path

Undefined lines of coordinates will use the center of the world (0, 0, 0) as the point for the path.

Mission script

The following example explains how these files are used in the original script in Sanny Builder's format to move Cortez's yacht. First, the script path is initialized using opcode 049C.

049C: 0@ = scripted_path_file 0 width 90.0

Next, objects need to be created using opcode 029B (opcode 0107 can also be used to create them).

029B: 1@ = init_object #YT_MAIN_BODY at -375.499 -1322.31 9.81124
029B: 2@ = init_object #YT_MAIN_BODY2 at -375.499 -1322.31 9.81124
029B: 3@ = init_object #YT_DOORS14 at -375.499 -1322.31 9.81124
029B: 4@ = init_object #YT_TMP_BOAT at -375.499 -1322.31 9.81124
029B: 5@ = init_object #LODMAIN_BODY at -375.499 -1322.31 9.81124

These objects are attached to the path using opcode 049D.

049D: attach_scripted_file 0@ with_object 1@
049D: attach_scripted_file 0@ with_object 2@
049D: attach_scripted_file 0@ with_object 3@
049D: attach_scripted_file 0@ with_object 4@
049D: attach_scripted_file 0@ with_object 5@

Lastly, opcode 049E is used to prevent the yacht from moving along the path.

049E: set_scripted_file 0@ speed_to 0.0

During the mission, the yacht's speed varies and is warped along the path in two occasions using opcode 049F.

049E: set_scripted_file 0@ speed_to 5.0
// ...
049F: set_scripted_file 0@ distance_along_path_to 2700.0

When you fail the mission, the yacht is reset back to the beginning.

049F: set_scripted_file 0@ distance_along_path_to 0.0 
049E: set_scripted_file 0@ speed_to 0.0

When you pass the mission, the objects and path are no longer needed so they are removed from the game using opcodes 0108 and 04A1 respectively.

0108: destroy_object 1@
0108: destroy_object 2@
0108: destroy_object 3@
0108: destroy_object 4@
0108: destroy_object 5@
04A1: release_scripted_file 0@

Note that if a script path is actively moving objects, replays will be disabled. All of these attributes are saved in the block 17 of the save file.

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