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This article only describes some of the data files of GTA San Andreas. For the complete list see the DAT article.

Data files are most files contain additional game information, usually used in the script and located in the ...\data\ folder of San Andreas' installation directory. Most of them have a .dat extension.

Common files and formats


The default.dat file is usually located in the ...\data\ directory of the game. It's location cannot be changed without manipulating the game's memory. It uses the same notation as map listing files. All information in this file could also be transformed to the gta.dat file, but the file must not be removed, since the game expects it's existence.

Customisation and Shopping data


For detailed information see the main article: carmods.dat

This file defines vehicle tuning abilities and additional car components which can be attached to an car using the ingame tuning garages.


For detailed information see the main article: clothes.dat

This file is some kind of script and defines different rules for clothing ingame. There are different commands to generate special behaving rules for different clothes the player is able to buy ingame.


This file is actualy unused and can be left blank, but it must not be deleted, since the game tries to parse it. It originally contains information about furniture which was planned to be used for automatically generating different furniture in interiors. However, this file, and the interior models/collision files are not used by the game engine, and other required files are missing.


For detailed information see the main article: shopping.dat

This file descripes additional shopping information for various game aspects (like car modifications or clothes). It defines their price just as their influence on different statistics. All information of this file can be requested by the script where it get's processed.

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