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SA Limit Adjuster
Current version:Alpha 8 (Alpha 9) (!)
Developed by:Sacky
Supported games:GTA SA

SA Limit Adjuster is a tool created by Sacky that can let you control the upper limits the game has created and other settings that is cool to fool around with. The latest version is Alpha 8 (apparently Alpha 9 in the settings file) and is probably the last version ever made.


Copy all the files from the SA_Limit_Adjuster folder into your GTA: San Andreas directory folder.


Section Item Default Value Description
DYNAMIC LIMITS Building 13000 increase this limit to map more static objects
Dummys 2500 increase this limit to map more static objects
PtrNode Doubles 3200 increase this limit to map more static objects
IPL Files 256 increase this limit to map more static objects
Stunt Jumps 256 Maximum number of stunt jumps allowed
ColModels 10150 Maximum number of defined collision models allowed
Collision Files 255 Maximum number of collision files allowed. One collision file can hold multiple collision models
QuadTreeNodes 400
QuadTreeNodes2 40
MatDataPool 4096
AtmDataPool 1024
Vehicles 110 Maximum number of vehicles that is allowed to be created through the mission script files
Vehicle Structs 50 Maximum number of vehicle models that is allowed to be loaded through the mission script files
Peds 140 Maximum number of peds that is allowed to be created through the mission script files
Polygons 5000 Maximum number of polygons a model is allowed to have
PtrNode Singles 70000
EntryInfoNodes 500
Objects 350 Maximum number of dynamic objects that is allowed to be defined
Tasks 500
Events 200
Point Routes 64
Patrol Routes 32
Node Routes 64
Ped Attractors 64
Entry Exits 400 Maximum number of ENEX entries that is allowed to be created through the IPL files
Streaming Memory 50 Streaming memory in MB (For static and dynamic map objects)
Streaming Vehicles 22 Streaming memory in MB (For vehicles)
IMG Headers 5000
STATIC LIMITS Timed Objects 227 Maximum number of tobjs allowed to be defined in the IDE files
Vehicle Models 212 Maximum number of entries allowed to be defined in the vehicles.ide file
Ped Models 278 The number of ped models defined in ped.ide
IDEs 14000 Maximum number of IDE entires allowed in the IDE files
CarMods 70 The number of carmods defined in carmod.dat-file
Water Planes 1021 Maximum number of water planes allowed to be created
CarCols 128 Maximum number of car colors allowed to be defined in the carcols.dat file
Current Mission 69000 Maximum limit in bytes allowed in the mission section of the main.scm
SCM Locals 1024 Number of local variables which can be used in main.scm
SCM Threads 96 Threads which can be created in a script
Weapon IDs 47 Number of weapons
Aiming Offsets 21
Weapon Objects 51
Map Bounds 12000.0 The boundaries in which you can place objects. The center of the map is (0;0). Divide this value by 2 to get the distance how far you can go away from this point.
LOD Distance 300.0 The distance of objects which should have an collision (Usually objects with an LOD value greater than 300 will have no collision)
Markers 175 Maximum number of markers allowed to be created during gameplay
Garages 50 Maximum number of garages that is allowed to be defined in the IPL files
Pickups 620 Maximum number of pickups that is allowed to be created during gameplay
Players 8 The number of player structures allocated.
SCM Block 200000 Maximum limit in bytes allowed in the MAIN section of the main.scm
MULTIPLIERS Vehicles 2584
Vehicle Structs 788
FILES gta_sa.set gta_sa.set Directs the game to load this file (needs paths relative to the GTA directory folder)
MODULES user32.dll user32.dll
COLOURS All colors are in RGBA format
Health Bar B4191DFF Health bar color (and anything red like enemy markers, etc.)
Money Font 36682CFF The color of the cash label
Title Menu ACCBF1FF The main color of the letters in the main menu.
Title Menu Border 000000FF The color of the border of the letters in the main menu
Wanted Level 906210FF The color of the wanted-stars.
Radio Station 969696FF The color of the letters which are shown when changing the radio station in a car
MODELS CopCar 1 599 Countryside cop car
CopCar 2 596 Los Santos cop car
CopCar 3 597 San Fierro cop car
CopCar 4 598 Las Venturas cop car
CopCar 5 523 Police motorcycle
CopPed 1 283 Countryside cop
CopPed 2 280 Los Santos cop
CopPed 3 281 San Fierro cop
CopPed 4 282 Las Venturas cop
CopPed 5 284 Motorcycle cop
Ambulance 1 416 Supposedly Los Santos Ambulance
Ambulance 2 416 Supposedly San Fierro Ambulance
Ambulance 3 416 Supposedly Las Venturas Ambulance
Medic 1 274 Los Santos paramedic
Medic 2 276 San Fierro paramedic
Medic 3 275 Las Venturas paramedic
Firetruck 1 407 Supposedly Los Santos FIretruck
Firetruck 2 407 Supposedly San Fierro FIretruck
Firetruck 3 407 Supposedly Las Venturas FIretruck
Fireman 1 277 Los Santos fireman
Fireman 2 279 San Fierro fireman
Fireman 3 278 Las Venturas fireman
TaxiDriver 1 262 A cap driver
TaxiDriver 2 261 "
TaxiDriver 3 220 "
TaxiDriver 4 234 "
TaxiDriver 5 182 "
TaxiDriver 6 206 "
Enforcer Replacement 427 The cop truck model id
SWAT Ped Replacement 285 The id of the swat ped model
FBI Rancher Replacement 427 The id of the FBI rancher vehicle model
FBI Ped Replacement 286 The id of the FPI ped model
Rhino Replacement 432 The id of the tank vehicle model
Barracks Replacement 433 The id of the army truck vehicle model
Army Ped Replacement 287 The id of the soldier ped model
Police Maverick Replacement 497 The id of the police helicopter vehicle model
SAN Maverick Replacement 488 The id of the San Andreas News helicopter vehicle model
Police Weapon 1 3 Nitestick
Police Weapon 2 22 Pistol
SWAT Weapon 28 Micro SMG
FBI Weapon 29 MP5
Army Weapon 31 M4
GRAPHICS Ped Dynamic Shadows 1 Ped's dynamic shadow at high or very high visual FX quality
Map Dynamic Shadows 1 Map's and car's dynamic shadow at medium or higher visual FX quality
License Plate Texture Filtering 1
Texture Filter 1 2
Texture Filter Min 3
Texture Filter Max 2
Shadow Wrapper 1 3
Shadow Wrapper 2 10
Diffuse Texture Wrap 1
Alpha Blend 6
Object/Vehicle Shadow Cull 4
Character Shadow Max Size 128
Character Shadow Min Size 64
Vehicle Vertex Alpha 1
Vehicle UV Ref Flags 17
Vehicle Texture Trans Flags 259
Vehicle Lighting 1.0 Intensity of vehicle's headlights and taillights
Stencil Shaded Opacity 6 Map's and car's dynamic shadow opacity
Cloud1 Height 200.0 High-altitude cloud's height in units
Cloud2 Height 200.0 High-altitude cloud's height in units
Zone Text 1 Show zone's text when entering a zone
Vertgio 1 Motion blur effect
Speed Limiter 1
Heat Haze 1 Heat haze effect
Max AI Vehicles 85 Maximum number of npc vehicles creatable by a script
Max AI Peds 25 Maximum number of npc actors createable by a script
Ped Density 1.0 The density multiplier for npc actors. This can be overwritten by a script
Vehicle Density 1.0 The density multiplier for npc cars. This can be overwritten by a script.
Law Vehicles 1
Time Format  %02d:%02d The format of the time label (in C format)
Time Position X 0.0015625 The X-coord of the position of the time label
Time Position Y 0.002232142957 The Y-coord of the position of the time label
Weapon Ammo Format  %d-%d The format of the weapon ammo label
Enable Ads 0 Disables ads seen when loading the game
Window Name GTA: San Andreas The name of the application running
Windowed 0 Starts the game in full screen or windowed mode

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