Function Memory Addresses (VC)

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Address Category Name Description
00401010 No Category CAnimBlendAssocGroup::CopyAnimation (( uint ))
00401180 No Category CAnimBlendAssocGroup::GetAnimation (( uint ))
00401190 No Category CAnimBlendAssocGroup::GetAnimation ((char const *))
004016A0 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SetFinishCallback ((void (*)( CAnimBlendAssociation *,void *),void *))
004016C0 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SetDeleteCallback ((void (*)( CAnimBlendAssociation *,void *),void *))
00401700 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::Start ((float))
00401740 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SyncAnimation (( CAnimBlendAssociation *))
00401770 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SetCurrentTime ((float))
00402E20 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpGetFirstAssociation ( RpClump *)
00405640 No Category CAnimManager::BlendAnimation (( RpClump *, AssocGroupId,AnimationId,float ))
004058B0 No Category CAnimManager::AddAnimation (( RpClump *, AssocGroupId,AnimationId ))
00405960 No Category CAnimManager::GetAnimAssociation (( AssocGroupId,AnimationId ))
00405990 No Category CAnimManager::GetAnimation ((char const *, CAnimBlock *))
004075D0 No Category RpAnimBlendGetNextAssociation ( CAnimBlendAssociation *)
00407780 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpGetAssociation ( RpClump *, uint )
004077B0 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpRemoveAssociations ( RpClump *, uint )
00407800 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpRemoveAllAssociations ( RpClump *)
00407830 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpSetBlendDeltas ( RpClump *, uint,float )
00407870 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpIsInitialized ( RpClump *)
00407890 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpInit ( RpClump *)
00407AC0 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpFillFrameArray ( RpClump *, AnimBlendFrameData **)
0040AEA0 No Category CStreaming::SetModelIsDeletable (( int ))
0040E310 No Category CStreaming::RequestModel (( int,int ))
0040FBC0 No Category ImgFilesLoader (char* Dirpath, short int unknown)
00418CA0 No Category CAutoPilot::RemoveOnePathNode ((void))
00419B70 No Category CCarAI::AddFiretruckOccupants (( CAutomobile *))
00419B90 No Category CCarAI::AddAmbulanceOccupants (( CAutomobile *))
0041C2F0 No Category CCarCtrl::MapCouldMoveInThisArea (( float,float ))
0041C350 No Category CCarCtrl::UpdateCarCount (( CVehicle *, uchar ))
0041C460 No Category CCarCtrl::GenerateOneEmergencyServicesCar (( uint,float,float,float ))
0041C940 No Category CCarCtrl::GenerateEmergencyServicesCar ((void))
0041CC20 No Category CCarCtrl::FindLinksToGoWithTheseNodes (( CVehicle *))
0041CEB0 No Category CCarCtrl::JoinCarWithRoadSystemGotoCoors (( CVehicle *, float,float,float,bool ))
0041D000 No Category CCarCtrl::JoinCarWithRoadSystem (( CVehicle *))
0041D2D0 No Category CCarCtrl::SwitchVehicleToRealPhysics (( CVehicle *))
0041D300 No Category CCarCtrl::ClearInterestingVehicleList ((void))
0041D320 No Category CCarCtrl::RemoveFromInterestingVehicleList (( CVehicle *))
0041D350 No Category CCarCtrl::IsThisVehicleInteresting (( CVehicle *))
0041D370 No Category CCarCtrl::RegisterVehicleOfInterest (( CVehicle *))
00429FC0 No Category CDarkel::FrenzyOnGoing
00429FD0 No Category CDarkel::ReadStatus
00429FE0 No Category CDarkel::DrawMessages
0042A650 No Category CDarkel::Update
0042A7A0 No Category CDarkel::Init
0042E900 Garage Used for opcode 0361's CLOSE_GARAGE
0042E910 Garage Used for opcode 0360's OPEN_GARAGE
0042E930 Garage Export garage rewards
0042EB50 Garage Associated with GXT string GA_20 "We got more of these than we can shift. Sorry man, no deal."
0042EC70 Garage Used for opcode 03B1's IS_GARAGE_CLOSED
0042ECA0 Garage Used for opcode 03B0's IS_GARAGE_OPEN
0042ECD0 Garage Used for opcode 03D4's HAS_IMPORT_GARAGE_SLOT_BEEN_FILLED
0042ED50 Garage Used for opcode 021C's IS_CAR_IN_MISSION_GARAGE
0042ED70 Garage Used for opcode 021B's SET_TARGET_CAR_FOR_MISSION_GARAGE
0042EDE0 No Category Used for PRINT_BIG, see 00BA for images
00436E40 No Category CPathFind::FindNodeClosestToCoorsFavourDirection (( float,float,float,uchar,float,float ))
004382B0 No Category CPathFind::NewGenerateCarCreationCoors (( float,float,float,float,float,float,bool,CVector *, int *, int *,float *, bool ))
00438F90 No Category CPathFind::RemoveBadStartNode (( CVector,CPathNode **,short *))
00439070 No Category CPathFind::DoPathSearch (( uchar,CVector,int,CVector,CPathNode **,short *, short,CVehicle *,float *, float,int ))
00441F70 No Category DeactivateSlowMotion
00444BE0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands200To299((int))
0044B400 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands0To99((int))
0044FBE0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessOneCommand((void))
0044FD70 No Category CRunningScript::Process((void))
00451010 Mission Script COpcode::GetParameters
00451CF0 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::GetIndex(( CPed *))
00451F90 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands400To499((int))
00453670 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands300To399((int))
00455030 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands700To799((int))
00456E20 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands600To699((int))
00457580 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands500To599((int))
00458EC0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands900To999((int))
0045B220 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands800To899((int))
00466AD0 No Category CAccidentManager::CountActiveAccidents ((void))
00466AF0 No Category CAccidentManager::FindNearestAccident (( float,float,float,float *))
0046FC1C No Category CCamera::DrawBordersForWideScreen
00487200 No Category CDebug::DebugDisplayTextBuffer
00487D10 No Category CEntity::GetDistanceFromCentreOfMassToBaseOfModel ((void))
004898B0 No Category CEntity::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
0048DFB0 No Category CFileMgr::LoadFile ((char const *, uchar *, int ))
0048E030 No Category CFileMgr::SetDir ((char const *))
0048E5D0 No Category CFire::Extinguish ((void))
0048F170 No Category CFireManager::FindNearestFire (( CVector,float *))
004A6190 Display Render2DStuff
004A6510 Display RenderEffects
004A68A0 Display LoadingIslandScreen
004A69D0 Display LoadingScreen
004A73E0 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7410 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7440 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7470 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A74A0 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A74D0 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7500 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7530 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7560 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004AAA60 No Category CPad::GetCarGunFired ((void))
004AAC60 No Category CPad::GetLookRight ((void))
004AAC90 No Category CPad::GetLookLeft ((void))
004AB060 No Category CPad::GetPad (( int ))
004BACC0 No Category CPhysical::ApplyTurnForce (( float,float,float,float,float,float ))
004BAE90 No Category CPhysical::AddToMovingList ((void))
004BB630 No Category CPhysical::~CPhysical ((void))
004BB650 No Category CPhysical::CPhysical ((void))
004BFF80 No Category CPools::GetObject (( int ))
004BFFA0 No Category CPools::GetObjectRef (( CObject *))
004BFFC0 No Category CPools::GetVehicle (( int ))
004BFFE0 No Category CPools::GetVehicleRef (( CVehicle *))
004C0000 No Category CPools::GetPed (( int ))
004C0020 No Category CPools::GetPedRef (( CPed *))
004C0040 No Category CPools::CheckPoolsEmpty ((void))
004C0070 No Category CPools::ShutDown ((void))
004C03C0 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::~CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_((void))
004C03D0 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::Flush((void))
004C0410 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::~CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_((void))
004C0420 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::Flush((void))
004C0460 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::~CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_((void))
004C0470 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::Flush((void))
004C04B0 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::~CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_((void))
004C04C0 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::Flush((void))
004C0500 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::~CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_((void))
004C0510 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::Flush((void))
004C0550 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::~CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_((void))
004C0560 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::Flush((void))
004C05F0 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::~CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_((void))
004C0600 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::Flush((void))
004C0640 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::~CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_((void))
004C0650 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::Flush((void))
004C0690 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::~CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_((void))
004C06A0 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::Flush((void))
004C06E0 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_(( int ))
004C0850 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_(( int ))
004C09B0 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_(( int ))
004C0C70 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_(( int ))
004C0DD0 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_(( int ))
004C0F30 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_(( int ))
004C1090 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_(( int ))
004C11F0 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_(( int ))
004C1350 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_(( int ))
004C14B0 No Category CPtrList::Flush ((void))
004C1500 No Category CPtrNode::__dl ((void *))
004C1520 No Category CPtrNode::__nw (( uint ))
004C1530 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::Delete(( CPtrNode *))
004C1560 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::New((void))
004C3A70 No Category CRadar::ClearBlipForEntity (( eBlipType,int ))
004C6AC0 No Category CEntity::RegisterReference (( CEntity **))
004CDAE4 Stats Used for opcode 0544's SET_LONGEST_TIME_IN_BLOOD_RING
004CDAF6 Stats Used for opcode 0543's ADD_BLOOD_RING_KILLS
004CDB01 Stats Used for opcode 0542's SET_PROPERTY_AS_OWNED
004CDB1C Stats Used for opcode 0536's ADD_ICE_CREAMS_SOLD
004CDB2D Stats Used for opcode 0534's ADD_PIZZAS_DELIVERED
004CDB3E Stats Used for opcode 0533's ADD_NUMBER_OF_ASSASSINATIONS
004CDB4F Stats Used for opcode 0531's ADD_STORES_KNOCKED_OFF
004CDB60 Stats Used for opcode 04CF's ADD_MONEY_SPENT_ON_CLOTHES
004CDB71 Stats Used for opcode 0529's ADD_MONEY_SPENT_ON_PROPERTY
004CDB82 Stats Used for opcode 0528's ADD_MONEY_SPENT_ON_WEAPONS
004CDB93 Stats Used for opcode 0528's ADD_MONEY_SPENT_ON_WEAPONS
004CDB9D Stats Used for opcode 0408's SET_TOTAL_NUMBER_OF_KILL_FRENZIES
004CDBA7 Stats Increment rampage passed
004CDBAE Stats Media attention level
004CDDC5 Stats Criminal ranking level
004CE331 Stats Used for opcode 0599's REGISTER_FIRE_LEVEL
004CE348 Stats Used for opcode 0403's REGISTER_AMBULANCE_LEVEL
004CE35F Stats Used for opcode 0578's REGISTER_VIGILANTE_LEVEL
004CE376 Stats Used for opcode 0404's REGISTER_FIRE_EXTINGUISHED
004CE37D Stats Used for opcode 0402's REGISTER_CRIMINAL_CAUGHT
004CE384 Stats Used for opcode 0401's REGISTER_LIFE_SAVED
004CE38B Stats Time spent on radio
004CE397 Stats Used for opcode 0582's REGISTER_BEST_POSITION
004CE3B4 Stats Used for opcode 042F's REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE
004CE3D1 Stats Used for opcode 042E's REGISTER_FASTEST_TIME
004CE3FB Stats Reset stats
004D6370 No Category CWorld::FindObjectsKindaColliding (( CVector const &, float,bool,short *, short,CEntity **, bool,bool,bool,bool,bool ))
004D8B00 No Category CWorld::ProcessVerticalLine (( CVector const &, float,CColPoint &, CEntity *&, bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,CStoredCollPoly *))
004DB310 No Category CWorld::Remove (( CEntity *))
004DB3F0 No Category CWorld::Add (( CEntity *))
004DC500 No Category CTheZones::GetZoneInfoForTimeOfDay (( CVector const *, CZoneInfo *))
004DF240 No Category CMatrix::SetRotate (( float,float,float ))
004DF3B0 No Category CMatrix::SetRotateZ ((float))
004DF450 No Category CMatrix::SetRotateY ((float))
004DF4F0 No Category CMatrix::SetRotateX ((float))
004DF8F0 No Category CMatrix::UpdateRW ((void))
004DFAE0 No Category CMatrix::~CMatrix ((void))
004DFB00 No Category CMatrix::CMatrix (( RwMatrix *, bool ))
004DFF20 No Category __ml( CMatrix const &, CVector const &)
004F17D0 No Category CPed::RestoreHeadingRate ((void))
004F18A0 No Category CPed::Wait ((void))
004F28A0 No Category CPed::SetWaitState (( eWaitState,void *))
004F4930 No Category CPed::IsPlayer (const(void))
004F4950 No Category CPed::CheckForExplosions ((CVector2D &))
004F65C0 No Category CPed::SetDie (( AnimationId,float,float ))
004F6A20 No Category CPed::SetEvasiveDive (( CPhysical *, uchar ))
0050B4A0 No Category CPed::ClearAimFlag ((void))
0050B510 No Category CPed::SetAimFlag (( CEntity *))
0050B5B0 No Category CPed::SetAimFlag ((float))
0050B700 No Category CPed::MoveHeadToLook ((void))
0050B9C0 No Category CPed::ClearLookFlag ((void))
0050BB70 No Category CPed::SetLookFlag (( CEntity *, bool ))
0050BE00 No Category CPed::ScanForThreats ((void))
0050C600 No Category CPed::RestorePreviousState ((void))
0050CC40 No Category CPed::SetStoredState ((void))
0050CCF0 No Category CPed::RestartNonPartialAnims ((void))
0050CD20 No Category CPed::StopNonPartialAnims ((void))
0050CD50 No Category CPed::SetMoveAnim ((void))
0050D110 No Category CPed::SetMoveState (( eMoveState ))
0050D120 No Category CPed::SortPeds (( CPed **, int,int ))
0050D360 No Category CPed::OurPedCanSeeThisOne (( CEntity *))
0050D4B0 No Category CPed::BuildPedLists ((void))
0050D8E0 No Category CPed::SetPedStats (( ePedStats ))
0050D900 No Category CPed::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
0050D9F0 No Category CPed::Initialise ((void))
0050DA70 No Category CPed::~CPed ((void))
0050DC20 No Category CPed::CPed (( uint ))
005155E0 No Category CPed::SetAnimOffsetForEnterOrExitVehicle ((void))
005164D0 No Category CPed::GetPositionToOpenCarDoor (( CVehicle *, uint ))
005179D0 No Category CPed::QuitEnteringCar ((void))
00517BA0 No Category CPed::EnterCar ((void))
00518AD0 No Category CPed::LineUpPedWithCar (( uint ))
00521720 No Category CPed::ClearObjective ((void))
00527570 No Category CPed::LoadFightData ((void))
0052FA10 No Category CPedIK::CPedIK (( CPed *))
00530F00 No Category CPedType::Initialise ((void))
00532070 No Category CPlayerPed::SetWantedLevelNoDrop (( int ))
00536620 No Category CPlayerPed::SetRealMoveAnim ((void))
005371B0 No Category CPlayerPed::ReApplyMoveAnims ((void))
0053A6F0 No Category CGangs::GetGangPedModelOverride ((short))
0053A720 No Category CPopulation::UpdatePedCount (( ePedType,uchar ))
0053A8A0 No Category CPopulation::AddPedInCar (( CVehicle *, int ))
00541570 No Category CRGBA::CRGBA
00543500 Render CCoronas::Render
0054FFE0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetFontStyle
00550020 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetPropsOn
00550060 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetRightJustifyOn
005500D0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetBackgroundOff
005500E0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetBackgroundOn
005500F0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetCentreSize
00550100 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetWrapx
00550110 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetCentreOff
00550120 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetCentreOn
00550170 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetColor
00550230 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetScale
00551040 Text display (CFont) CFont::PrintString
00551620 Text display (CFont) CFont::PrintChar
00552500 No Category AsciiToUnicode
00557320 Display CHud::Draw
005608C0 Render CParticle::Render
00567F20 Render CRubbish::Render
0056C690 Render CShadows::RenderStaticShadows
0056CC40 Render CShadows::RenderStoredShadows
00570BA0 Render C3dMarker::Render
00570DA0 Render C3dMarker::RenderArrow
005719B0 Render CBrightLights::Render((void))
00572660 Render CRegisteredMotionBlurStreak::Render((void))
00572920 Render CMotionBlurStreaks::Render((void))
005729F0 Render CBulletTraces::Render
00574790 Render CSpecialFX::Render
00576690 No Category CSprite::RenderOneXLUSprite ((float,float,float,float,float,uchar,uchar,uchar,short,float,uchar))
005778B0 No Category CSprite::CalcScreenCoors ((RwV3d const &,RwV3d *,float *,float *, bool ))
0059CF50 No Category CAutomobile::OpenDoor (( int,eDoors,float ))
0059D100 No Category CAutomobile::SetComponentRotation (( int,float,float,float ))
0059D1D0 No Category CAutomobile::IsComponentPresent (( int ))
0059D1F0 No Category CAutomobile::GetComponentWorldPosition (( int,CVector &))
0059D260 No Category CAutomobile::HydraulicControl ((void))
0059E2B0 No Category CAutomobile::SetupSuspensionLines ((void))
0059E590 No Category CAutomobile::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
0059E600 No Category CAutomobile::~CAutomobile ((void))
0059E620 No Category CAutomobile::CAutomobile (( int,uchar ))
005A9810 No Category CDamageManager::GetDoorStatus (( int ))
005A9820 No Category CDamageManager::SetDoorStatus (( int,uint ))
005A9A10 No Category CDoor::IsClosed ((void))
005A9AB0 No Category CDoor::RetAngleWhenClosed ((void))
005A9B50 No Category CDoor::Open ((float))
005AC50E CHeli CHeli::DrawCoronas (( CEntity* ))
005acda0 CHeli CHeli::Process (( void ))
005B8460 No Category CVehicle::CanPedOpenLocks (( CPed const *))
005B84B0 No Category CVehicle::IsOnItsSide ((void))
005B84F0 No Category CVehicle::IsUpsideDown ((void))
005B8520 No Category CVehicle::UsesSiren ((void))
005B8700 No Category CVehicle::SetupPassenger (( int ))
005B8870 No Category CVehicle::SetUpDriver ((void))
005B8920 No Category CVehicle::RemoveDriver ((void))
005B89F0 No Category CVehicle::SetDriver (( CPed *))
005B8CE0 No Category CVehicle::RemovePassenger (( CPed *))
005B8D50 No Category CVehicle::AddPassenger (( CPed *, uchar ))
005B8E60 No Category CVehicle::AddPassenger (( CPed *))
005B8F50 No Category CVehicle::ProcessDelayedExplosion ((void))
005B9020 No Category CVehicle::InflictDamage (( CEntity *, eWeaponType,float ))
005B9770 No Category CVehicle::ProcessWheel (( CVector &, CVector &, CVector &, CVector &, int,float,float,float,char,float *, tWheelState *))
005BA900 No Category CVehicle::ProcessWheelRotation (( tWheelState,CVector const &, CVector const &,float))
005BA960 No Category CVehicle::CanBeDeleted ((void))
005BAA40 No Category CVehicle::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
005BAAE0 No Category CVehicle::__dl ((void *))
005BAB00 No Category CVehicle::__nw (( uint ))
005BAB20 No Category CVehicle::__nw ((void))
005BAB30 No Category CVehicle::~CVehicle ((void))
005BAC10 No Category CVehicle::CVehicle (( uchar ))
005C3DE0 No Category CBulletInfo::Update ((void))
005C48A0 No Category CBulletInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005C48C0 No Category CBulletInfo::Initialise ((void))
005C4BA0 No Category CExplosion::Update ((void))
005C5720 No Category CExplosion::AddExplosion (( CEntity *, CEntity *, eExplosionType,CVector const &, uint ))
005C6820 No Category CExplosion::Shutdown ((void))
005C6900 No Category CExplosion::Initialise ((void))
005C6A20 No Category CProjectileInfo::Update ((void))
005C7C10 No Category CProjectileInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005C7C30 No Category CProjectileInfo::Initialise ((void))
005C7E60 No Category CShotInfo::Update ((void))
005C8390 No Category CShotInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005C83B0 No Category CShotInfo::Initialise ((void))
005C84D0 No Category CPed::IsPedDoingDriveByShooting ((void))
005C8AB0 No Category CWeapon::HasWeaponAmmoToBeUsed ((void))
005C8AE0 No Category CWeapon::BlowUpExplosiveThings (( CEntity *))
005C8C30 No Category CWeapon::MakePedsJumpAtShot (( CPhysical *, CVector *, CVector *))
005C8E40 No Category CVehicle::DoFixedMachineGuns ((void))
005C9B50 No Category CWeapon::IsType2Handed((void))
005CA0B0 No Category CWeapon::Update (( int ))
005CA3C0 No Category CWeapon::Reload ((void))
005CA400 No Category CWeapon::DoDriveByAutoAiming (( CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *))
005CA8B0 No Category CWeapon::DoTankDoomAiming (( CEntity *, CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *))
005CB0A0 No Category CWeapon::FireInstantHitFromCar (( CAutomobile *, bool ))
005CBFF0 No Category CWeapon::FireM16_1stPerson(( CEntity *))
005CC730 No Category CWeapon::FireSniper (( CEntity *))
005CCF90 No Category CWeapon::FireProjectile (( CEntity *, CVector *,float))
005CD340 No Category CWeapon::FireShotgun (( CEntity *, CVector *))
005CEE60 No Category CWeapon::DoBulletImpact (( CEntity *, CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *, CColPoint *,CVector2D))
005D0560 No Category CWeapon::FireHeliGun (( CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *,float))
005D1140 No Category CWeapon::FireInstantHit (( CEntity *, CVector *))
005D44E0 No Category CWeapon::FireFromCar (( CAutomobile *, bool ))
005D45E0 No Category CWeapon::Fire (( CEntity *, CVector *))
005D4DB0 No Category CWeapon::UpdateWeapons ((void))
005D4DD0 No Category CWeapon::ShutdownWeapons ((void))
005D4DF0 No Category CWeapon::InitialiseWeapons ((void))
005D4E20 No Category CWeapon::Initialise (( eWeaponType,int ))
005D4E90 No Category CWeaponEffects::Render ((void))
005D5050 No Category CWeaponEffects::ClearCrossHair ((void))
005D5170 No Category CWeaponInfo:GetFireType
005D5250 No Category CWeaponInfo::LoadWeaponData ((void))
005D5710 No Category CWeaponInfo::GetWeaponInfo (( eWeaponType ))
005D5730 No Category CWeaponInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005D5750 No Category CWeaponInfo::Initialise ((void))
005F9940 Audio cDMAudio::PlayRadioAnnouncement((uchar)) Used for opcode 057D's PLAY_ANNOUNCEMENT
005F9DA0 Audio cDMAudio::PlayOneShot (( int,ushort,float ))
005F9DD0 Audio cDMAudio::SetEntityStatus (( int,uchar ))
005F9E00 Audio cDMAudio::DestroyEntity (( int ))
005F9E20 Audio cDMAudio::CreateEntity (( eAudioType,void *))
005F9EE0 No Category CMusicManager::DisplayRadioStationName
00606730 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1100To1199((int))
006084C0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1000To1099((int))
0062E940 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1300To1399((int))
00630650 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1200To1299((int))
00637600 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1400To1499((int))
006453B0 No Category RwFrameForAllObjects
00649BA0 No Category RwRenderStateSet
006857B0 No Category CAnimManager::ms_aAnimAssocDefinitions (void)

Contains some stuff from Squiddy and Modelingman.

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