Function Memory Addresses (VC)

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Contains some stuff from Squiddy's Functions & Modelingman's Functions.

Address Category Name Description
004A68A0 Display LoadingIslandScreen
004A69D0 Display LoadingScreen
004A73E0 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A74A0 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A74D0 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A6190 Display Render2DStuff
004A6510 Display RenderEffects
004A7410 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7440 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7470 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7500 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7530 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004A7560 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::GetNoOfUsedSpaces((void))
004AAA60 No Category CPad::GetCarGunFired ((void))
004AAC60 No Category CPad::GetLookRight ((void))
004AAC90 No Category CPad::GetLookLeft ((void))
004AB060 No Category CPad::GetPad (( int ))
004BACC0 No Category CPhysical::ApplyTurnForce (( float,float,float,float,float,float ))
004BAE90 No Category CPhysical::AddToMovingList ((void))
004BB630 No Category CPhysical::~CPhysical ((void))
004BB650 No Category CPhysical::CPhysical ((void))
004BFF80 No Category CPools::GetObject (( int ))
004BFFA0 No Category CPools::GetObjectRef (( CObject *))
004BFFC0 No Category CPools::GetVehicle (( int ))
004BFFE0 No Category CPools::GetVehicleRef (( CVehicle *))
004C0000 No Category CPools::GetPed (( int ))
004C0020 No Category CPools::GetPedRef (( CPed *))
004C0040 No Category CPools::CheckPoolsEmpty ((void))
004C0070 No Category CPools::ShutDown ((void))
004C03C0 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::~CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_((void))
004C03D0 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::Flush((void))
004C04B0 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::~CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_((void))
004C04C0 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::Flush((void))
004C05F0 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::~CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_((void))
004C06A0 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::Flush((void))
004C06E0 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_(( int ))
004C09B0 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_(( int ))
004C0410 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::~CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_((void))
004C0420 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::Flush((void))
004C0460 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::~CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_((void))
004C0470 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::Flush((void))
004C0500 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::~CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_((void))
004C0510 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::Flush((void))
004C0550 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::~CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_((void))
004C0560 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::Flush((void))
004C0600 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::Flush((void))
004C0640 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::~CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_((void))
004C0650 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::Flush((void))
004C0690 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::~CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_((void))
004C0850 No Category CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_::CPool_14CEntryInfoNode_14CEntryInfoNode_(( int ))
004C0C70 No Category CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_::CPool_9CBuilding_9CBuilding_(( int ))
004C0DD0 No Category CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_::CPool_10CTreadable_10CTreadable_(( int ))
004C0F30 No Category CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_::CPool_7CObject_13CCutsceneHead_(( int ))
004C3A70 No Category CRadar::ClearBlipForEntity (( eBlipType,int ))
004C6AC0 No Category CEntity::RegisterReference (( CEntity **))
004C11F0 No Category CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_::CPool_18cAudioScriptObject_18cAudioScriptObject_(( int ))
004C14B0 No Category CPtrList::Flush ((void))
004C1090 No Category CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_::CPool_6CDummy_9CDummyPed_(( int ))
004C1350 No Category CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_::CPool_10CColModels_10CColModels_(( int ))
004C1500 No Category CPtrNode::__dl ((void *))
004C1520 No Category CPtrNode::__nw (( uint ))
004C1530 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::Delete(( CPtrNode *))
004C1560 No Category CPool_8CPtrNode_8CPtrNode_::New((void))
004D8B00 No Category CWorld::ProcessVerticalLine (( CVector const &, float,CColPoint &, CEntity *&, bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,CStoredCollPoly *))
004D6370 No Category CWorld::FindObjectsKindaColliding (( CVector const &, float,bool,short *, short,CEntity **, bool,bool,bool,bool,bool ))
004DB3F0 No Category CWorld::Add (( CEntity *))
004DB310 No Category CWorld::Remove (( CEntity *))
004DC500 No Category CTheZones::GetZoneInfoForTimeOfDay (( CVector const *, CZoneInfo *))
004DF3B0 No Category CMatrix::SetRotateZ ((float))
004DF4F0 No Category CMatrix::SetRotateX ((float))
004DF8F0 No Category CMatrix::UpdateRW ((void))
004DF240 No Category CMatrix::SetRotate (( float,float,float ))
004DF450 No Category CMatrix::SetRotateY ((float))
004DFAE0 No Category CMatrix::~CMatrix ((void))
004DFB00 No Category CMatrix::CMatrix (( RwMatrix *, bool ))
004DFF20 No Category __ml( CMatrix const &, CVector const &)
004F6A20 No Category CPed::SetEvasiveDive (( CPhysical *, uchar ))
004F17D0 No Category CPed::RestoreHeadingRate ((void))
004F18A0 No Category CPed::Wait ((void))
004F28A0 No Category CPed::SetWaitState (( eWaitState,void *))
004F65C0 No Category CPed::SetDie (( AnimationId,float,float ))
004F4930 No Category CPed::IsPlayer (const(void))
004F4950 No Category CPed::CheckForExplosions ((CVector2D &))
005A9A10 No Category CDoor::IsClosed ((void))
005A9AB0 No Category CDoor::RetAngleWhenClosed ((void))
005A9B50 No Category CDoor::Open ((float))
005A9810 No Category CDamageManager::GetDoorStatus (( int ))
005A9820 No Category CDamageManager::SetDoorStatus (( int,uint ))
005AC50E CHeli CHeli::DrawCoronas (( CEntity* ))
005B8CE0 No Category CVehicle::RemovePassenger (( CPed *))
005B8D50 No Category CVehicle::AddPassenger (( CPed *, uchar ))
005B8E60 No Category CVehicle::AddPassenger (( CPed *))
005B8F50 No Category CVehicle::ProcessDelayedExplosion ((void))
005B84B0 No Category CVehicle::IsOnItsSide ((void))
005B84F0 No Category CVehicle::IsUpsideDown ((void))
005B89F0 No Category CVehicle::SetDriver (( CPed *))
005B8460 No Category CVehicle::CanPedOpenLocks (( CPed const *))
005B8520 No Category CVehicle::UsesSiren ((void))
005B8700 No Category CVehicle::SetupPassenger (( int ))
005B8870 No Category CVehicle::SetUpDriver ((void))
005B8920 No Category CVehicle::RemoveDriver ((void))
005B9020 No Category CVehicle::InflictDamage (( CEntity *, eWeaponType,float ))
005B9770 No Category CVehicle::ProcessWheel (( CVector &, CVector &, CVector &, CVector &, int,float,float,float,char,float *, tWheelState *))
005BA900 No Category CVehicle::ProcessWheelRotation (( tWheelState,CVector const &, CVector const &,float))
005BA960 No Category CVehicle::CanBeDeleted ((void))
005BAA40 No Category CVehicle::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
005BAAE0 No Category CVehicle::__dl ((void *))
005BAB00 No Category CVehicle::__nw (( uint ))
005BAB20 No Category CVehicle::__nw ((void))
005BAB30 No Category CVehicle::~CVehicle ((void))
005BAC10 No Category CVehicle::CVehicle (( uchar ))
005C3DE0 No Category CBulletInfo::Update ((void))
005C4BA0 No Category CExplosion::Update ((void))
005C6A20 No Category CProjectileInfo::Update ((void))
005C7C10 No Category CProjectileInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005C7C30 No Category CProjectileInfo::Initialise ((void))
005C7E60 No Category CShotInfo::Update ((void))
005C8AB0 No Category CWeapon::HasWeaponAmmoToBeUsed ((void))
005C8AE0 No Category CWeapon::BlowUpExplosiveThings (( CEntity *))
005C8C30 No Category CWeapon::MakePedsJumpAtShot (( CPhysical *, CVector *, CVector *))
005C8E40 No Category CVehicle::DoFixedMachineGuns ((void))
005C9B50 No Category CWeapon::IsType2Handed((void))
005C48A0 No Category CBulletInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005C48C0 No Category CBulletInfo::Initialise ((void))
005C83B0 No Category CShotInfo::Initialise ((void))
005C84D0 No Category CPed::IsPedDoingDriveByShooting ((void))
005C5720 No Category CExplosion::AddExplosion (( CEntity *, CEntity *, eExplosionType,CVector const &, uint ))
005C6820 No Category CExplosion::Shutdown ((void))
005C6900 No Category CExplosion::Initialise ((void))
005C8390 No Category CShotInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005CA0B0 No Category CWeapon::Update (( int ))
005CA3C0 No Category CWeapon::Reload ((void))
005CA8B0 No Category CWeapon::DoTankDoomAiming (( CEntity *, CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *))
005CA400 No Category CWeapon::DoDriveByAutoAiming (( CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *))
005CB0A0 No Category CWeapon::FireInstantHitFromCar (( CAutomobile *, bool ))
005CBFF0 No Category CWeapon::FireM16_1stPerson(( CEntity *))
005CC730 No Category CWeapon::FireSniper (( CEntity *))
005CCF90 No Category CWeapon::FireProjectile (( CEntity *, CVector *,float))
005CD340 No Category CWeapon::FireShotgun (( CEntity *, CVector *))
005CEE60 No Category CWeapon::DoBulletImpact (( CEntity *, CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *, CColPoint *,CVector2D))
005D0560 No Category CWeapon::FireHeliGun (( CEntity *, CVector *, CVector *,float))
005D4DB0 No Category CWeapon::UpdateWeapons ((void))
005D4DD0 No Category CWeapon::ShutdownWeapons ((void))
005D4DF0 No Category CWeapon::InitialiseWeapons ((void))
005D4E20 No Category CWeapon::Initialise (( eWeaponType,int ))
005D4E90 No Category CWeaponEffects::Render ((void))
005D44E0 No Category CWeapon::FireFromCar (( CAutomobile *, bool ))
005D45E0 No Category CWeapon::Fire (( CEntity *, CVector *))
005D1140 No Category CWeapon::FireInstantHit (( CEntity *, CVector *))
005D5050 No Category CWeaponEffects::ClearCrossHair ((void))
005D5170 No Category CWeaponInfo:GetFireType
005D5250 No Category CWeaponInfo::LoadWeaponData ((void))
005D5710 No Category CWeaponInfo::GetWeaponInfo (( eWeaponType ))
005D5730 No Category CWeaponInfo::Shutdown ((void))
005D5750 No Category CWeaponInfo::Initialise ((void))
005F9DA0 No Category cDMAudio::PlayOneShot (( int,ushort,float ))
005F9DD0 No Category cDMAudio::SetEntityStatus (( int,uchar ))
005F9E00 No Category cDMAudio::DestroyEntity (( int ))
005F9E20 No Category cDMAudio::CreateEntity (( eAudioType,void *))
005F9EE0 No Category CMusicManager::DisplayRadioStationName
005acda0 CHeli CHeli::Process (( void ))
0040AEA0 No Category CStreaming::SetModelIsDeletable (( int ))
0040E310 No Category CStreaming::RequestModel (( int,int ))
0040FBC0 No Category ImgFilesLoader (char* Dirpath, short int unknown)
0041C2F0 No Category CCarCtrl::MapCouldMoveInThisArea (( float,float ))
0041C350 No Category CCarCtrl::UpdateCarCount (( CVehicle *, uchar ))
0041C460 No Category CCarCtrl::GenerateOneEmergencyServicesCar (( uint,float,float,float ))
0041C940 No Category CCarCtrl::GenerateEmergencyServicesCar ((void))
0041CC20 No Category CCarCtrl::FindLinksToGoWithTheseNodes (( CVehicle *))
0041CEB0 No Category CCarCtrl::JoinCarWithRoadSystemGotoCoors (( CVehicle *, float,float,float,bool ))
0041D000 No Category CCarCtrl::JoinCarWithRoadSystem (( CVehicle *))
0041D2D0 No Category CCarCtrl::SwitchVehicleToRealPhysics (( CVehicle *))
0041D300 No Category CCarCtrl::ClearInterestingVehicleList ((void))
0041D320 No Category CCarCtrl::RemoveFromInterestingVehicleList (( CVehicle *))
0041D350 No Category CCarCtrl::IsThisVehicleInteresting (( CVehicle *))
0041D370 No Category CCarCtrl::RegisterVehicleOfInterest (( CVehicle *))
0042A7A0 No Category CDarkel::Init
0042A650 No Category CDarkel::Update
0042E900 Garage Used for opcode 0361's CLOSE_GARAGE
0042E910 Garage Used for opcode 0360's OPEN_GARAGE
0042E930 Garage Export garage rewards
0042EB50 Garage Associated with GXT string GA_20 "We got more of these than we can shift. Sorry man, no deal."
0042EC70 Garage Used for opcode 03B1's IS_GARAGE_CLOSED
0042ECA0 Garage Used for opcode 03B0's IS_GARAGE_OPEN
0042ECD0 Garage Used for opcode 03D4's HAS_IMPORT_GARAGE_SLOT_BEEN_FILLED
0042ED50 Garage Used for opcode 021C's IS_CAR_IN_MISSION_GARAGE
0042ED70 Garage Used for opcode 021B's SET_TARGET_CAR_FOR_MISSION_GARAGE
0042EDE0 No Category Used for PRINT_BIG, see 00BA for images
0044B400 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands0To99((int))
0044FBE0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessOneCommand((void))
0044FD70 No Category CRunningScript::Process((void))
0045B220 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands800To899((int))
0046FC1C No Category CCamera::DrawBordersForWideScreen
0048DFB0 No Category CFileMgr::LoadFile ((char const *, uchar *, int ))
0048E030 No Category CFileMgr::SetDir ((char const *))
0048E5D0 No Category CFire::Extinguish ((void))
0048F170 No Category CFireManager::FindNearestFire (( CVector,float *))
004CDAE4 Stats Used for opcode 0544's register Bloodring time
004CDAF6 Stats Used for opcode 0543's register Bloodring kills
004CDB01 Stats Used for opcode 0542's register property owned
004CDB1C Stats Used for opcode 0536's register drug deals
004CDB2D Stats Used for opcode 0534's register pizzas delivered
004CDB3E Stats Used for opcode 0533's register assassination contract
004CDB4F Stats Used for opcode 0531's register stores knocked
004CDB60 Stats Used for opcode 04CF's register spent on fashion
004CDB71 Stats Used for opcode 0529's register spent on property
004CDB82 Stats Used for opcode 0528's register spent on weapons
004CDB93 Stats Used for opcode 0528's set total mission
004CDB9D Stats Used for opcode 0408's set total rampages
004CDBA7 Stats Increment rampage passed
004CDBAE Stats Media attention level
004CDDC5 Stats Criminal ranking level
004CE331 Stats Used for opcode 0599's register firefighter level
004CE348 Stats Used for opcode 0403's REGISTER_AMBULANCE_LEVEL
004CE35F Stats Used for opcode 0578's register vigilante level
004CE376 Stats Used for opcode 0404's REGISTER_FIRE_EXTINGUISHED
004CE37D Stats Used for opcode 0402's REGISTER_CRIMINAL_CAUGHT
004CE384 Stats Used for opcode 0401's REGISTER_LIFE_SAVED
004CE38B Stats Time spent on radio
004CE397 Stats Used for opcode 0582's register hotring position
004CE3B4 Stats Used for opcode 042F's REGISTER_HIGHEST_SCORE
004CE3D1 Stats Used for opcode 042E's register highest time
004CE3FB Stats Reset stats
0050B4A0 No Category CPed::ClearAimFlag ((void))
0050B5B0 No Category CPed::SetAimFlag ((float))
0050B9C0 No Category CPed::ClearLookFlag ((void))
0050B510 No Category CPed::SetAimFlag (( CEntity *))
0050B700 No Category CPed::MoveHeadToLook ((void))
0050BB70 No Category CPed::SetLookFlag (( CEntity *, bool ))
0050BE00 No Category CPed::ScanForThreats ((void))
0050C600 No Category CPed::RestorePreviousState ((void))
0050CC40 No Category CPed::SetStoredState ((void))
0050CCF0 No Category CPed::RestartNonPartialAnims ((void))
0050CD20 No Category CPed::StopNonPartialAnims ((void))
0050CD50 No Category CPed::SetMoveAnim ((void))
0050D4B0 No Category CPed::BuildPedLists ((void))
0050D8E0 No Category CPed::SetPedStats (( ePedStats ))
0050D9F0 No Category CPed::Initialise ((void))
0050D110 No Category CPed::SetMoveState (( eMoveState ))
0050D120 No Category CPed::SortPeds (( CPed **, int,int ))
0050D360 No Category CPed::OurPedCanSeeThisOne (( CEntity *))
0050D900 No Category CPed::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
0050DA70 No Category CPed::~CPed ((void))
0050DC20 No Category CPed::CPed (( uint ))
0052FA10 No Category CPedIK::CPedIK (( CPed *))
0053A6F0 No Category CGangs::GetGangPedModelOverride ((short))
0053A8A0 No Category CPopulation::AddPedInCar (( CVehicle *, int ))
0053A720 No Category CPopulation::UpdatePedCount (( ePedType,uchar ))
0054FFE0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetFontStyle
0056C690 Render CShadows::RenderStaticShadows
0056CC40 Render CShadows::RenderStoredShadows
0059CF50 No Category CAutomobile::OpenDoor (( int,eDoors,float ))
0059D1D0 No Category CAutomobile::IsComponentPresent (( int ))
0059D1F0 No Category CAutomobile::GetComponentWorldPosition (( int,CVector &))
0059D100 No Category CAutomobile::SetComponentRotation (( int,float,float,float ))
0059D260 No Category CAutomobile::HydraulicControl ((void))
0059E2B0 No Category CAutomobile::SetupSuspensionLines ((void))
0059E590 No Category CAutomobile::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
0059E600 No Category CAutomobile::~CAutomobile ((void))
0059E620 No Category CAutomobile::CAutomobile (( int,uchar ))
0062E940 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1300To1399((int))
00402E20 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpGetFirstAssociation ( RpClump *)
00407AC0 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpFillFrameArray ( RpClump *, AnimBlendFrameData **)
00418CA0 No Category CAutoPilot::RemoveOnePathNode ((void))
00419B70 No Category CCarAI::AddFiretruckOccupants (( CAutomobile *))
00419B90 No Category CCarAI::AddAmbulanceOccupants (( CAutomobile *))
00429FC0 No Category CDarkel::FrenzyOnGoing
00429FD0 No Category CDarkel::ReadStatus
00429FE0 No Category CDarkel::DrawMessages
00436E40 No Category CPathFind::FindNodeClosestToCoorsFavourDirection (( float,float,float,uchar,float,float ))
00438F90 No Category CPathFind::RemoveBadStartNode (( CVector,CPathNode **,short *))
00441F70 No Category DeactivateSlowMotion
00444BE0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands200To299((int))
00451CF0 No Category CPool_4CPed_10CPlayerPed_::GetIndex(( CPed *))
00451F90 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands400To499((int))
00456E20 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands600To699((int))
00458EC0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands900To999((int))
00466AD0 No Category CAccidentManager::CountActiveAccidents ((void))
00466AF0 No Category CAccidentManager::FindNearestAccident (( float,float,float,float *))
00487D10 No Category CEntity::GetDistanceFromCentreOfMassToBaseOfModel ((void))
00517BA0 No Category CPed::EnterCar ((void))
00518AD0 No Category CPed::LineUpPedWithCar (( uint ))
00530F00 No Category CPedType::Initialise ((void))
00572920 Render CMotionBlurStreaks::Render((void))
00572660 Render CRegisteredMotionBlurStreak::Render((void))
005719B0 Render CBrightLights::Render((void))
00567F20 Render CRubbish::Render
00570BA0 Render C3dMarker::Render
00570DA0 Render C3dMarker::RenderArrow
00649BA0 No Category RwRenderStateSet
004016A0 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SetFinishCallback ((void (*)( CAnimBlendAssociation *,void *),void *))
004016C0 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SetDeleteCallback ((void (*)( CAnimBlendAssociation *,void *),void *))
004058B0 No Category CAnimManager::AddAnimation (( RpClump *, AssocGroupId,AnimationId ))
004075D0 No Category RpAnimBlendGetNextAssociation ( CAnimBlendAssociation *)
004077B0 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpRemoveAssociations ( RpClump *, uint )
004382B0 No Category CPathFind::NewGenerateCarCreationCoors (( float,float,float,float,float,float,bool,CVector *, int *, int *,float *, bool ))
004898B0 No Category CEntity::SetModelIndex (( uint ))
005155E0 No Category CPed::SetAnimOffsetForEnterOrExitVehicle ((void))
005164D0 No Category CPed::GetPositionToOpenCarDoor (( CVehicle *, uint ))
005179D0 No Category CPed::QuitEnteringCar ((void))
005371B0 No Category CPlayerPed::ReApplyMoveAnims ((void))
005500D0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetBackgroundOff
005500E0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetBackgroundOn
005500F0 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetCentreSize
005608C0 Render CParticle::Render
005729F0 Render CBulletTraces::Render
005778B0 No Category CSprite::CalcScreenCoors ((RwV3d const &,RwV3d *,float *,float *, bool ))
006084C0 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1000To1099((int))
006453B0 No Category RwFrameForAllObjects
006857B0 No Category CAnimManager::ms_aAnimAssocDefinitions (void)
00401010 No Category CAnimBlendAssocGroup::CopyAnimation (( uint ))
00401180 No Category CAnimBlendAssocGroup::GetAnimation (( uint ))
00401190 No Category CAnimBlendAssocGroup::GetAnimation ((char const *))
00401700 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::Start ((float))
00401740 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SyncAnimation (( CAnimBlendAssociation *))
00401770 No Category CAnimBlendAssociation::SetCurrentTime ((float))
00405640 No Category CAnimManager::BlendAnimation (( RpClump *, AssocGroupId,AnimationId,float ))
00405960 No Category CAnimManager::GetAnimAssociation (( AssocGroupId,AnimationId ))
00405990 No Category CAnimManager::GetAnimation ((char const *, CAnimBlock *))
00407780 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpGetAssociation ( RpClump *, uint )
00407800 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpRemoveAllAssociations ( RpClump *)
00407830 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpSetBlendDeltas ( RpClump *, uint,float )
00407870 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpIsInitialized ( RpClump *)
00407890 No Category RpAnimBlendClumpInit ( RpClump *)
00439070 No Category CPathFind::DoPathSearch (( uchar,CVector,int,CVector,CPathNode **,short *, short,CVehicle *,float *, float,int ))
00451010 Mission Script COpcode::GetParameters
00453670 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands300To399((int))
00455030 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands700To799((int))
00457580 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands500To599((int))
00487200 No Category CDebug::DebugDisplayTextBuffer
00521720 No Category CPed::ClearObjective ((void))
00527570 No Category CPed::LoadFightData ((void))
00532070 No Category CPlayerPed::SetWantedLevelNoDrop (( int ))
00536620 No Category CPlayerPed::SetRealMoveAnim ((void))
00541570 No Category CRGBA::CRGBA
00543500 Render CCoronas::Render
00550020 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetPropsOn
00550060 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetRightJustifyOn
00550100 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetWrapx
00550110 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetCentreOff
00550120 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetCentreOn
00550170 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetColor
00550230 Text display (CFont) CFont::SetScale
00551040 Text display (CFont) CFont::PrintString
00551620 Text display (CFont) CFont::PrintChar
00552500 No Category AsciiToUnicode
00557320 Display CHud::Draw
00574790 Render CSpecialFX::Render
00576690 No Category CSprite::RenderOneXLUSprite ((float,float,float,float,float,uchar,uchar,uchar,short,float,uchar))
00606730 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1100To1199((int))
00630650 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1200To1299((int))
00637600 No Category CRunningScript::ProcessCommands1400To1499((int))

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