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A car fire started through 0325 in Vice City.

GTA III Vice City San Andreas START_CAR_FIRE

Creates a fire on the vehicle
0325: [var] = create_car [car handle] fire
[car handle]
The handle of the vehicle
Variable to store the handle of the fire
Native analog

This opcode creates a perpetual fire on the vehicle. The fire does not damage the vehicle. It is harmful to the player only when the player stands right beneath the fire. Generally fires on cars are positioned in such a way that it would be hard to get hurt by them, but it is easy to get hurt by fires on bikes and helicopters. Fires can be extinguished with the Firetruck's hose or a Fire Extinguisher, or removed using opcodes 02D1 or 031A. While the vehicle is on fire, it does not take any damage from environmental fire.


create, start, fire, vehicle, car

See also

  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 02CF, creates a fire at the coordinates point
  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 0326, creates a fire on the character