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This is a tutorial on how to enable the "trails" option in Vice City. This option is available to toggle in the console versions but is absent in the PC version. Trails is a visual effect that adds motion blur, enhances particle effects, and adds an orange glow to the atmosphere. There are multiple ways on how to enable this option.

Vice City Trails

  • GTA Net GTAGarage: Vice City Trails by Silent, an ASI plugin which enables this feature without the need of altering the executable file manually.

VC Menu Editor

Download the Menu Editor by steve-m. Extract the files, start the program, and read the accompanying ReadMe. When everything is done correctly, the "Menu Screens" should show legible texts. Select 04. FEH_DIS. In "Menu Items", select FEDS_TB. Click the "Add" button. Select the duplicate FEDS_TB item and go to the "Associated Function" drop-down box and choose 009. In the "Target Menu" input box, set to 4. Set the X-position to 40 and the Y-position to 303. In the "Alignment" drop-down box, select "Left". In the "Menu Item Text" drop-down box, choose FED_TRA and click "Apply".


Set the Y-position of FET_DEF to 328 and click "Apply". Set the Y-position of FEDS_TB to 353 and click "Apply". Finally, click "Save Menu" button. Close the program and start the game. If everything is done correctly, you should see this:


Note: If you use the original protected gta-vc.exe, you must start a new game. This is necessary, because the protected exe have trigger that disables all traffic and pedestrians after you load save file; this happens if any byte of exe file was changed. Use a cracked exe instead.

See also:

DexX's tool

Open the spec.ini file and set the "Trails" setting to 1. This tools disables the functionality of the trails menu option if added through the Menu Editor.