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Everything was decodet by deniska... I only added it to the wiki to complete it a little bit ^^ --Aschratt 13:58, 30 Sep 2007 (CDT)

Meaningless values

The fields marked as unused which are documented as offsets hold random values actually, they appear to be the result of uninitialized data probably listing a set of heap pointers valid at the time the export process was executing. This is how the Breakable model section of dyn_f_r_wood_1 object looks like:

44F6    magicNumber         0x168020B0
44FA    posnRule            1
44FE    numVertices         504
4502    (verts)             0x0E847D08
4506    (texCoords)         0x0E979FD0
450A    (preLitLum)         0x0E8AF7B8
450E    numTriangles        252
4512    (vertIndices)       0x0E67B008
4516    (matIndices)        0x168029D0
451A    numMaterials        21
451E    (textures)          0x16805090
4522    (textureNames)      0x16802520
4526    (textureMasks)      0x16802270
452A    (ambientColors)     0x16802160
452E    verts[504]          (size: 0x17A0)
5CCE    texCoords[504]      (size: 0x0FC0)
6C8E    preLitLum[504]      (size: 0x07E0)
746E    vertIndices[252]    (size: 0x05E8)
7A56    matIndices[252]     (size: 0x01F8)
7C4E    textureNames[21]    (size: 0x02A0)
7EEE    textureMasks[21]    (size: 0x02A0)
818E    ambientColors[21]   (size: 0x00FC)
828A    ....

Unfortunately, their purpose may never be discovered. We can think these are just placeholders to maintain the same structure size/members offset as the internal one/s the R* custom plugin uses to store the break information over the memory. For example, the reference to textures is pretty useless since it would point to a list of RW textures available only at engine's runtime. Instead, the magicNumber is anything but meaningless as it dictates the presence of a breakable model or its absence. Most likely, the whole section header has been copied as is, leaving useful and no more useful values together. -- Wesser (talk) 15:54, 21 June 2015 (UTC)