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RPF (RAGE Package Format) is the format of game archives used in RAGE Engine. They can be edited with SparkIV or OpenIV.


The RPF files all contain the same header. The header tells us the version of the archive, how many entries there are and whether or not the archive is encrypted.

4b - INT32 - RPF Version
4b - INT32 - Table of Contents Size
4b - INT32 - Number of Entries
4b - INT32 - Unknown
4b - INT32 - Encrypted

The RPF Version tells us the version of the RPF Archive:

Version 0: 0x52504630 - Table Tennis
Version 2: 0x52504632 - Grand Theft Auto IV
Version 3: 0x52504633 - Grand Theft Auto IV Audio & Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Version 4: 0x52504634 - Max Payne 3
Version 6: 0x52504636 - Red Dead Redemption
Version 7: 0x52504637 - Grand Theft Auto V

The Table of Contents Size tells us the size of the table of contents segment in the file. The Number of Entries tells us the number of files contained in the archive. The Encryption flag tells us if the archive is encrypted, if the archive is unencrypted it is set to 0, otherwise it is non-zero.

Table of Contents

The Table of contents size is determined by the Table of Contents Size integer in the Header of the RPF archive. It starts after 2048 bytes from the file origin, and is encrypted depending on the encryption flag in the header. The Table of contents contains both Directories and File Entries. Both are different structures and take up different amounts of space.

Directory Entry

Directory entries follow this structure:

4b - INT32 - Name Offset
4b - INT32 - Flags
4b - UINT32 - Content Entry Index
4b - UINT32 - Content Entry Count

The Name Offset refers to the file offset that stores the name of the directory. The Flags just give information about the directory. The Content Entry Index is generally described in the first bit of the unsigned integer. The Content Entry Count describes how many entries are under this directory, and is generally defined in the first 4 bits of the unsigned integer.

File Entry

The File entries follow this structure:

4b - INT32 - Name Offset
4b - INT32 - Size
3b - UINT24 - Offset
1b - UCHAR8 - Resource Type
4b - UINT32 - Flags

The Name Offset refers to the file offset that stores the name of the file. The Size tells us the size of the file. The Offset tells us the file offset the file is stored in. The Resource Type tells us the type of resource that the file is. In the resource flag, the first bit tells us whether the file is compressed or not.

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The following tools can be used to import & export files into RPF archives.

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