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Weapon pickup with a red halo in GTA III

A pickup is a spinning object (with a glowing halo in GTA III and Vice City) that can disappear when the player goes through it or interacts with it. If the model is a usable weapon, the player can "pick" it up and use it. Some pickups are created as collectibles. They are usually difficult to find but collecting them is required for a 100% completion of the game. Mines are classified as a type of pickup though their usage is limited to GTA III. All pickups are saved in block 7 of the save file in GTA III, block 8 in Vice City, and block 6 in San Andreas. Other than script-based creations listed below, the only other time a pickup is created in the game is when a character dies and drops money or weapons.

Mission script

0213 GTA III Vice City San Andreas creates a pickup
0214 GTA III Vice City San Andreas checks if the pickup has been collected
0215 GTA III Vice City San Andreas removes the pickup
02E1 GTA III Vice City San Andreas creates a money pickup
02EC GTA III Vice City creates a hidden package
02F0 GTA III creates a mine
02F1 GTA III creates a nautical mine
032B GTA III Vice City San Andreas creates a pickup with ammo, equivalent to 0213 with an additional parameter to set a weapon's ammo
035B GTA III creates a drop-off package, used in the Donald Love's mission "A Drop In The Ocean"
03DC GTA III Vice City San Andreas adds a blip to the pickup
03DD GTA III adds a sprite blip to the pickup
048C Vice City San Andreas checks if there is any pickup at the coordinates point
04A6 Vice City San Andreas creates a protection pickup
0517 Vice City San Andreas creates a locked property pickup
0518 Vice City San Andreas creates a for sale property pickup
055B Vice City creates a clothes pickup
0958 San Andreas creates a snapshot
0959 San Andreas creates a horseshoe
095A San Andreas creates an oyster

See also

  • Vice City San Andreas Save pickup, a code snippet that allows the ability to save the game when a pickup is picked up.
  • Vice City San Andreas Buying property, a code snippet that allows to buy a property and view a cinematic scene.