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The Log Window is where you find diagnostic messages, like notices, warnings and errors. I recommend that you read it and get familiar with it. A texture that does not throw warnings or errors is a great texture. You want to understand what the warnings mean since they usually point to structural damage. This article is meant to help you understand the purpose of the Log.

If you are the author of TXD files and recently migrated to Magic.TXD, you may find that certain TXD files that you generated using old tools throw warnings. Otherwise, if you start out with Magic.TXD then do not worry: textures that Magic.TXD creates work. I highly recommend that you check your past TXD projects for problems.

This list is not meant to be complete. I want to give you a general idea of things instead.

Typical Warnings
Message Type Explanation
texture (texname) has been written using truncated (name) data loss (during saving) The texture name that was stored internally in RenderWare was too long so that a shorter version was stored when saving the texture to disc. I advise you to shorten the texture name because it is simply too long.
texture (texname) has an invalid filtering mode (fixed) misconfiguration (during loading) The loaded texture has a filtering mode setting that does not reflect the data that it contains. For example if the texture has mipmaps stored inside and the filtering mode says to not render them, this is considered a problem: the rendering of mipmaps is enabled instead.
unknown RenderWare stream block loading error A RenderWare stream block was detected but the type of data could not be specified. Hence the editor rejected the data. A reason could be damage to the file or the simple reason that Magic.TXD is not meant to support this kind of stream.
ambiguous texture native block! loading error The internal native texture dispatcher failed to load the native texture. Reason is that the texture differs so much from the original specification that it cannot be categorized properly. You could encounter this error pretty often if you try to load faulty GTA:SA textures. The problem is best solved by recreating your TXD project and avoiding faulty tools.
texture (texname) has an invalid uAddressing/vAddressing mode; defaulting to wrap misconfiguration (during loading) If the texture has an invalid addressing mode then RenderWare could have problems about how to properly map the texture to the triangle in certain situations where textures do overlap. Problems related to this happen very rarely.
texture (texname) has damaged mipmaps (ignoring) color buffer damage (during loading) The texture was detected to have invalidly formatted mipmaps. Loading such a texture in the game is likely to crash it because the game does little to no verification. Magic.TXD has skipped the damaged content and continued to load.
texture (texname) has zero sized mipmaps color buffer damage (during loading) Similar to damaged mipmaps, this damage does not crash the game engine. It was either caused by faulty community tools or even the official Rockstar TXD generator. It means that the color layers have been left empty, resulting in garbage data inside of certain quality LOD layers. This is what causes the black-roads bug.
texture (texname) has an invalid auto-mipmap flag (fixing) misconfiguration (during loading) The automipmap flag decides whether LOD layers of the texture should be generated by the RW layer or taken from the texture data instead. Setting this flag wrong causes load failure in the GTA:SA engine because of a coding error. This means that a texture that travels with mipmaps must not have automatic mipmap generation enabled.
texture (texname) has invalid compression parameters (ignoring) misconfiguration (during loading) The Direct3D 9 texture travelled with an invalid compression status which most likely would result in loading failure in game engines. Magic.TXD has decided to trust the D3DFORMAT field instead.
texture (texname) has an unknown D3DFORMAT link (formatname) lack of information The texture loader has encountered a Direct3D 9 native texture whose format it does not understand. The texture has been properly loaded but most likely cannot be displayed in the framework.
texture (texname) has extended D3DFORMAT link but does not enable 'isNotRwCompatible' structural damage This Direct3D 9 native texture has decided to come with a custom Direct3D encoding. But Magic.TXD has detected that it does not enable the critical compatibility flag 'isNotRwCompatible'. This is the reason that the texture could fail to load in the GTA:SA engine.
texture (texname) has an invalid raster format (ignoring) misconfiguration (during loading) The texture has specified an odd RenderWare 3 raster format value. This is a safe-to-ignore warning.