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The fistfite.dat file contains information on melee attacks, including damage and animation, in GTA III and Vice City. The file is located in the \data folder of the game's directory.


GTA III Vice City Name Type Description
Move Name string Any names can be used here. This is only used for identification.
Start Fire Time float
End Fire Time float
Combo follow on time float Right after the first attack, the next attack will be the next move in the list within the group. Successive attacks (mashing attack button) will no longer follow the list until the attack is no longer successive. This was never used in the game by default.
Strike Radius float The effective distance to do damage. Can also affect victims behind you.
Extend Reach Multiplier float
Hit Level character

G - ground; feet, but can glitch the animation of the victim if the victim is standing.
L - low; attack the stomach.
M - mid; attack the face.
H - high; unlike to its name, this will automatically select which hit level to use based on the animation.
N - none; does no damage

Animation Name string The name of the animation to use from the ped.ifp file. Any animation should work and do damage as long as the animation is loaded and the animation can reach the victim. You can use default as the name to use default animations that are hardcoded into the game.
Damage integer The higher the damage, the more health the victim loses and, if the victim's health is low enough, the father the victim flies into the air. The damage value for punching while running is defined in weapon.dat and the damage is calculated differently there.
Flags integer

List of moves

The line number determines which move to use and which group the move belongs to.

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Line Move Description
1 Null
2 StdPunch
3 Idle
4 Shuffle_f
5 Knee
6 Headbutt
7 PunchJab
8 PunchHook
9 Kick
10 LongKick
11 RoundHouse
12 BodyBlow
13 GroundKick
14 HitFront
15 HitBack
16 HitRight
17 HitLeft
18 HitBody
19 HitChest
20 HitHead
21 HitBigStep
22 HitOnFloor
23 HitBehind
24 Idle2Norm

Vice City


Line Move Description
1 Null null
2 StdPunch standard punch
3 Idle idle
4 Shuffle_f shuffle

Frontal attack

These moves are used when you are standing still attacking a victim in front with the fist or small weapons that can melee in close range.

Line Move Description
5 Knee Attacks with the right knee
6 PunchHook Attacks with the left fist
7 Jab Attacks with the left fist
8 Punch Attacks with the right fist
9 LongKick Kicks high in the air with the right leg
10 RoundHouse Swings the right leg around in the air

Directional attacks

These moves are used when the victim is not in front.

Line Move Description
11 FwdLeft front left kick attack
12 FwdRight front right headbutt attack
13 BackKick rear left kick attack
14 BackFlip
15 BackLeft left elbow attack
16 BackRight rear right kick attack
17 RightSweep right elbow attack

Special attack

Line Move Description
18 GroundKick Kicks ground with right foot


These moves are responses from being attacked.

Line Move Description
19 HitFront
20 HitBack
21 HitRight
22 HitLeft
23 HitBody
24 HitChest
25 HitHead
26 HitBigStep
27 HitOnFloor
28 HitBehind

Melee weapon attacks

Line Move Description
29 Attack1
30 Attack2
31 Attack3
32 Idle2Norm
33 Idle2Norm