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CHASE*.DAT is a set of binary files in GTA III that controls the cars seen in the introduction cutscene of the game. The files are located in the .\data\paths folder.


The format is near identical to its successor, RRR, in San Andreas. Each entry is 28 bytes in size, with the following format:

6b - int[3] - velocity in x,y,z direction
3b - int[3] - right x,y,z
3b - int[3] - top x,y,z
1b - int - steering angle
1b - int - gas pedal power
1b - int - brake pedal power
1b - int - handbrake used
12b - flt[3] - x,y,z position


The following opcodes are related to the chase files.

  • GTA III 0354, starts the chase scene
  • GTA III 0355, stops the chase scene
  • GTA III 040A, removes car from chase
  • GTA III 0439, gets car from chase

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