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Creates a pickup with ammo
032B: [var] = create_weapon_pickup [int1] [int2] ammo [int3] at [flt1] [flt2] [flt3]
Valid model index as defined in the IDE file; also acceptable is model's DFF name with a hash character
Ammo count (see below for special cases)
Z-coordinate (or ≤-100.0 for ground z + 0.5 units)
Variable to store the handle of the pickup
Native analog

This opcode spawns a pickup at the coordinates point that can be "collected" by the player. It is almost equivalent to opcode 0213 but with an additional parameter that sets the ammo count of the pickup. Using an ammo count of 0 creates a pickup equivalent to one created through opcode 0213. The additional parameter makes a pickup of type PICKUP_MONEY (type 7 in GTA III, type 8 in Vice City and San Andreas) useful — it sets the amount of money for the pickup type.

Pickup text

If the model of the pickup matches the name bonus, the ammo count sets text to display floating above the pickup. In Vice City, models matching either bonus or clothesp can display the pickup text. Opcode 055B behaves the same way.


Ammo GXT key Text
1 SECURI Securicar
2 MOONBM Moonbeam
3 COACH Coach
4 FLATBED Flatbed
5 LINERUN Linerunner
6 TRASHM Trashmaster
7 PATRIOT Patriot
8 WHOOPEE Mr Whoopee
9 BLISTA Blista
10 MULE Mule
11 YANKEE Yankee
12 BOBCAT Bobcat
13 DODO Dodo
14 BUS Bus
15 RUMPO Rumpo
16 PONY Pony
17 SENTINL Sentinel
18 CHEETAH Cheetah
19 BANSHEE Banshee
20 IDAHO Idaho
21 INFERNS Infernus
22 TAXI Taxi
23 KURUMA Kuruma
24 STRETCH Stretch
25 PEREN Perennial
26 STINGER Stinger
27 MANANA Manana
28 LANDSTK Landstalker
29 STALION Stallion
30 BFINJC BF Injection
31 CABBIE Cabbie
32 ESPERAN Esperanto
33 FIRETRK Firetruck
34 AMBULAN Ambulance
35 ENFORCR Enforcer
36 FBICAR Fbi Car
37 RHINO Rhino
38 BARRCKS Barracks OL
39 POLICAR Police

Vice City

Ammo GXT key Text
1 OUTFT1 Street
2 OUTFT2 Soiree
3 OUTFT3 Coveralls
4 OUTFT4 Country Club
5 OUTFT5 Havana
6 OUTFT6 Cop
7 OUTFT7 Bank Job
8 OUTFT8 Casual
9 OUTFT9 Mr Vercetti
10 OUTFT10 Tracksuit
11 OUTFT11 Tracksuit
12 OUTFT12 Frankie
13 OUTFT13 MC Tommy


create, pickup, weapon, ammo