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GTA III Vice City San Andreas LOCK_CAR_DOORS

Sets the door lock status of the vehicle
020A: set_car [car handle] door_status_to [int]
[car handle]
The handle of the vehicle
Car lock (see below)
Native analog

This opcode sets the door status of the vehicle. Of course, the opcode only affects vehicles with a working door. In GTA III, this opcode behaves exactly as opcode 0135.

Car locks

Car lock Enum Description
1 CARLOCK_UNLOCKED unlocked car
2 CARLOCK_LOCKED locked car – properties include doors can't fall off, no one can enter but can exit, anyone can enter if door left wide open or fallen off
3 CARLOCK_LOCKOUT_PLAYER_ONLY locked for the player, not locked for NPCs
4 CARLOCK_LOCKED_PLAYER_INSIDE locked, the player is stuck in the car
5 CARLOCK_LOCKED_INITIALLY locked when not in car, unlocks when in car
6 CARLOCK_FORCE_SHUT_DOORS animation will never leave door opened, always closes door
7 CARLOCK_LOCKED_BUT_CAN_BE_DAMAGED locked but doors can fall off


set, car, vehicle, door, lock, status