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This article describes format of SFX files in GTA 3 and Vice City. For explanation of an SFX file in San Andreas see SFX (SA)

SFX file are an archive of short audio files used in GTA III and Vice City. They consist of the sfx.raw and sfx.sdt files and are typically located in the ..\audio folder in the game directory.

File format

Similar to an IMG archive, the sfx.sdt file contains the directory and the sfx.raw contains the archive. Each entry in the directory is 24 bytes in size:

4b - int - offset of audio file in sfx.raw
4b - int - size of audio file in bytes
4b - int - samples per sec, the speed of audio
4b - int - loop start, where looping would begin relative to audio file's position, 0 for beginning of audio file
4b - int - loop end, where looping would end relative to audio file's position, -1 for end of audio file

The sfx.raw contains raw WAV files. Headers must be added for use in standard audio players when extracted. The following is the standard header in terms of the SDT format.

Offset Type Identifier Description
0x00 char[4] ChunkID "RIFF"
0x04 dword ChunkSize size from SDT format + 36
0x08 char[4] Format "WAVE"
0x0C char[4] Subchunk1ID "fmt "
0x10 dword SubchunkSize 16
0x14 word AudioFormat 1 (PCM)
0x16 word NumChannels 1 (mono)
0x18 dword SampleRate sample rate from SDT format
0x1C dword ByteRate sample rate from SDT format * 2
0x20 word BlockAlign 2
0x22 word BitsPerSample 16
0x24 char[4] Subchunk2ID "data"
0x28 dword Sunchunk2Size size from SDT format
0x2C - Data raw SFX data

SFX files content


SFX Description
sfx00000 - sfx00007 car horns
sfx00008 - sfx00013 car doors
sfx00014 *unknown
sfx00015 car reverse gear accelerate
sfx00016 car reverse gear rolling
sfx00017 start car engine
sfx00018 car on wet road noise
sfx00019 car skid default
sfx00020 car skid dirt
sfx00021 emergency vehicle siren
sfx00022 emergency vehicle horn siren
sfx00023 ambulance siren
sfx00024 backup-beeper (reverse warning)
sfx00025 Ice cream truck jingle
sfx00026 Car alarm
sfx00027 open/close Coach door and airbrakes
sfx00028 blank
sfx00029 tire collision
sfx00030 - sfx00031 Train
sfx00032 - sfx00036 footsteps default
sfx00037 - sfx00041 footsteps grass
sfx00042 - sfx00046 footsteps dirt
sfx00047 - sfx00051 footsteps wood
sfx00052 - sfx00056 footsteps metal
sfx00057 - sfx00060 footsteps water
sfx00061 - sfx00064 footsteps sand
sfx00065 projectile explosion
sfx00066 Molotov Cocktail explosion
sfx00067 - sfx00068 fire Pistol
sfx00069 - sfx00070 fire M16
sfx00071 - sfx00072 fire AK47
sfx00073 - sfx00074 fire Uzi
sfx00075 - sfx00076 halt fire Uzi/AK47/M16
sfx00077 - sfx00078 fire Sniper
sfx00079 - sfx00083 fire Rocket Launcher, mine explosion
sfx00084 - sfx00085 fire Flamethrower
sfx00086 - sfx00087 fire Shotgun
sfx00088 reload Pistol
sfx00089 reload Shotgun/AK47
sfx00090 reload Uzi/M16
sfx00091 reload Rocket
sfx00092 reload Sniper
sfx00093 - sfx00097 box collisions 1
sfx00098 - sfx00100 *unknown
sfx00101 dumpster collision
sfx00102 - sfx00107 car door left ajar, car collisions 1
sfx00108 - sfx00111 metal collisions
sfx00112 - sfx00115 fence collisions
sfx00116 - sfx00121
sfx00122 - sfx00125 Box collisions 1
sfx00126 - sfx00129 Box collisions 2
sfx00130 *unknown
sfx00131 - sfx00135 Grass collisions
sfx00136 *unknown
sfx00137 - sfx00139 Box collisions 3
sfx00140 - sfx00144 Car collisions 2
sfx00145 - sfx00146 Blow up boxes
sfx00147 Gate collision 1
sfx00148 Car scraping (walls, etc.)
sfx00149 Gate collision 2
sfx00150 - sfx00155 Glass breaking
sfx00156 - sfx00157 Fire
sfx00158 car skid grass
sfx00159 - sfx00166 Icon noise
sfx00167 gun shell drop hard
sfx00168 gun shell drop soft
sfx00169 Bullet penetrating ped
sfx00170 - sfx00175 Bullet hitting car
sfx00176 - sfx00178 Bullet hitting ground
sfx00179 - sfx00180 Bat fight
sfx00181 - sfx00184 Fist fight
sfx00185 Open garage
sfx00186 car bomb tick
sfx00187 Bomb detonate
sfx00188 static
sfx00189 - sfx00279 police radio
sfx00280 - sfx00282 helicopter
sfx00283 phone ring
sfx00284 - sfx00291 car engine (steady rpm's)
sfx00292 - sfx00293 blank
sfx00294 - sfx00301 car idling
sfx00302 - sfx00303 blank
sfx00304 - sfx00308 airplane
sfx00309 car tire spin
sfx00310 - sfx00312 boat
sfx00313 boat traveling through water
sfx00314 - sfx00315 boat splashes
sfx00316 boat engine at idle
sfx00317 - sfx00318 Dodo
sfx00319 - sfx00322 rain on car
sfx00323 fall in water
sfx00324 - sfx00325 crushing body
sfx00326 CD player
sfx00327 - sfx00328 blow up boxes
sfx00329 rocket ammo depleted
sfx00330 rifle ammo depleted
sfx00331 Rhino cannon rotate
sfx00332 *unknown
sfx00333 - sfx00334 jumping
sfx00335 Remote bomb detonation
sfx00336 timer
sfx00337 checkpoint collected
sfx00338 - sfx00339 menu clickings?
sfx00340 - sfx00341 hydraulics
sfx00342 sex in car
sfx00343 radio tuning
sfx00344 message box
sfx00345 - sfx00347 engine sound 1 (Perennial)
sfx00348 - sfx00350 engine sound 2 (Taxi)
sfx00351 - sfx00353 engine sound 3 (Cheetah)
sfx00354 - sfx00356 engine sound 4 (Yankee)
sfx00357 - sfx00359 engine sound 5 (Kuruma)
sfx00360 - sfx00362 engine sound 6 (Flatbed)
sfx00363 - sfx00365 engine sound 7 (BF Injection)
sfx00366 - sfx00368 engine sound 8 (Banshee)
sfx00369 - sfx00371 blank
sfx00372 - sfx00382 menu sound
sfx00383 - sfx00385 SFX audio adjuster
sfx00386 - sfx00388 *unknown
sfx00389 silence
sfx00390 Hepburn Height northeast tower sound loop
sfx00391 Hepburn Height south tower sound loop
sfx00392 - sfx00399 unused sound loops
sfx00400 - sfx00402 unused sound loops
sfx00403 Meeouch Sex Kitten Club sound loop
sfx00404 Sex Club Seven sound loop
sfx00405 unused work shop sound loop
sfx00406 Salvatore's place sound loop
sfx00407 - sfx00408 Sawmill sound loop
sfx00409 unused sound loop (blank)
sfx00410 - sfx00411 Mr. Wong's Laundrette sound loop
sfx00412 Roast Peking Duck sound loop
sfx00413 Cipriani's Ristorante sound loop
sfx00414 unused sound loop (blank)
sfx00415 Marco's Bistro sound loop (blank)
sfx00416 - sfx00419 Francis International Terminal B sound loop
sfx00420 - sfx00422 Chinatown shop sound loop (blank)
sfx00423 - sfx00425 unused cinema sound loop
sfx00426 Portland Docks sound loop (blank)
sfx00427 - sfx00431 Hepburn Heights north tower sound loop
sfx00432 - sfx00434 South of Sex Club Seven sound loop, Hepburn Heights BF Injection moan sound loop
sfx00435 - sfx00437 East of Portland Pay 'N' Spray sound loop
sfx00438 - sfx00440 Executive Relief sound loop
sfx00441 Old school hall sound loop
sfx00442 Alarm sound loop
sfx00443 Warehouse rave sound loop
sfx00444 - sfx00445 unused sound loops
sfx00446 unused sound loop
sfx00447 - sfx00455 blank
sfx00456 vehicle explosion
sfx00457 Staunton Lift Bridge Alarm
sfx00458 Pager SFX
sfx00459 - sfx00553 Cop/Swat
sfx00554 - sfx00559 FBI
sfx00560 - sfx00565 Country Cop (Have no idea what ped this is)
sfx00566 - sfx00595 Cops on Helicopter Bullhorn
sfx00596 - sfx00622 White Dock Worker
sfx00623 - sfx00637 Army
sfx00638 - sfx00652 Army
sfx00653 - sfx00679 All Types of Gasping
sfx00680 - sfx00686 Old White Lady
sfx00687 - sfx00722 p_wom1
sfx00723 - sfx00727 Chinese Gibberish?
sfx00728 - sfx00777 pimp
sfx00778 - sfx00860 male01_nu
sfx00861 - sfx00867 Spanked Up Mad Men
sfx00868 - sfx00884 Black Guy #2
sfx00885 - sfx00899 Italian Guy #1
sfx00900 - sfx00919 Italian Lady #1
sfx00920 - sfx00993 Medics
sfx00994 - sfx00997 Pain Noises
sfx00998 - sfx01025 Black Guy #3
sfx01026 - sfx01061 f_wom1
sfx01062 - sfx01081 f_man1
sfx01082 - sfx01101 f_man2
sfx01102 - sfx01132 White Lady #3
sfx01133 - sfx01162 White Guy #8
sfx01163 - sfx01192 Chinese Guy #1
sfx01193 - sfx01236 scum_man
sfx01237 - sfx01272 scum_gal
sfx01273 - sfx01302 Black Lady #1
sfx01303 - sfx01334 British Guy #1
sfx01335 - sfx01366 White Guy #9 (Laslow)
sfx01367 - sfx01397 fatfemale01_nu
sfx01398 - sfx01418 White Guy #9
sfx01419 - sfx01440 Gay White Guy
sfx01441 - sfx01459 White Lady #4
sfx01460 - sfx01491 female01
sfx01492 - sfx01527 b_wom1
sfx01528 - sfx01561 oldguy
sfx01562 - sfx01585 stu_man
sfx01586 - sfx01609 stu_wom
sfx01610 - sfx01644 hood3 / hood4
sfx01645 - sfx01679 hood3 / hood4
sfx01680 - sfx01710 yardie2
sfx01711 - sfx01741 yardie2
sfx01742 - sfx01783 Black Lady #1
sfx01784 - sfx01807 Country White Guy #2
sfx01808 - sfx01826 White Guy #10
sfx01827 - sfx01844 White Lady #5
sfx01845 - sfx01862 White Lady #6
sfx01863 - sfx01894 Chinese Guy #2
sfx01895 - sfx01928 White Lady #7
sfx01929 - sfx01962 Peutro Rican Lady #1
sfx01963 - sfx01993 fatmale2_nu
sfx01994 - sfx02026 p_man1 / male03a
sfx02027 - sfx02061 hood3 / hood4
sfx02062 - sfx02082 Black Guy
sfx02083 - sfx02110 White Lady #7 (has shopping bags)
sfx02111 - sfx02138 Pissed Italian Lady
sfx02139 - sfx02166 Chinese Lady #1
sfx02167 - sfx02193 columbian / columbian2
sfx02194 - sfx02220 columbian / columbian2
sfx02221 - sfx02248 Chinese Lady #1 (Again)
sfx02249 - sfx02270 Chinese Lady #2
sfx02271 - sfx02308 Women Gasping/Screaming
sfx02309 - sfx02331 crimminal01
sfx02332 - sfx02350 crimminal02
sfx02351 - sfx02381 White Guy #11 (Harvard Preppie)
sfx02382 - sfx02441 li_man / li_man_nu
sfx02442 - sfx02475 triad2 / traid3
sfx02476 - sfx02505 mafia
sfx02506 - sfx02535 mafia
sfx02536 - sfx02565 mafia
sfx02566 - sfx02589 yakuza1 / yakuza2
sfx02590 - sfx02613 yakuza1 / yakuza2
sfx02614 - sfx02641 Gay White Sailor
sfx02642 - sfx02654 cabbie
sfx02655 - sfx02667 cabbie
sfx02668 - sfx02679 Old White Man
sfx02680 - sfx02735 pros_xblack
sfx02736 - sfx02785 pros_x
sfx02786 - sfx02812 Italian Lady #4
sfx02813 - sfx02840 Old Italian Lady
sfx02841 - sfx02877 Men Gasping/Screaming
sfx02878 - sfx02912 fatmale01
sfx02913 - sfx02944 fatfemale02
sfx02945 - sfx02968 cas_Wom
sfx02969 - sfx02998 chico / chico2 (diablos)
sfx02999 - sfx03028 chico / chico2 (diablos)
sfx03029 - sfx03031 Ammunation Clerk

Vice City

SFX Description
sfx00000 - sfx00007 car horns
sfx00008 - sfx00014 helicopter sounds
sfx00015 - sfx00020 car doors
sfx00021 car reverse gear accelerate
sfx00022 car reverse gear rolling
sfx00023 start car engine
sfx00024 car on wet road noise
sfx00025 car skid default
sfx00026 car skid dirt, car scrape soft
sfx00027 emergency vehicle siren
sfx00028 emergency vehicle horn siren
sfx00029 ambulance siren
sfx00030 backup-beeper (reverse warning)
sfx00031 Ice cream truck jingle
sfx00032 open/close Coach door and airbrakes
sfx00033 normal tire collision
sfx00034 popped tire collision
sfx00035 tire blown
sfx00036 run on flat tire
sfx00037 tear gas, rain wind
sfx00038 - sfx00039 bullet trail
sfx00040 - sfx00041 roller skates
sfx00042 - sfx00046 footsteps default
sfx00047 vehicle explosion, also used in thunder
sfx00048 projectile explosion, also used in thunder
sfx00049 Molotov Cocktail explosion
sfx00050 - sfx00051 fire Pistol
sfx00052 - sfx00053 unused fire AK
sfx00054 - sfx00055 fire Uzi/Minigun, drive-by
sfx00056 halt fire Uzi/MP5
sfx00057 - sfx00058 fire Sniper Rifle/PSG-1
sfx00059 - sfx00060 fire Rocket Launcher, Hunter rockets, mine explosion
sfx00062 - sfx00063 missile travel
sfx00064 - sfx00065 Flamethrower
sfx00066 - sfx00067 fire Chrome Shotgun/Stubby Shotgun
sfx00068 - sfx00069 fire M60, Hunter/Sea Sparrow/Police Helicopter gun, drive-by in helicopter
sfx00070 halt fire M60
sfx00071 - sfx00072 fire Tec-9/Ingram Mac 10
sfx00073 halt fire Tec 9/Ingram Mac 10
sfx00074 - sfx00075 fire M4/Ruger
sfx00076 halt fire M4/Ruger
sfx00077 reload Pistol/Colt Python
sfx00078 reload general
sfx00079 reload Rocket Launcher
sfx00080 reload Sniper Rifle/PSG-1
sfx00081 blunt weapon swing
sfx00082 - sfx00084 fire Minigun
sfx00085 - sfx00086 fire Spaz Shotgun
sfx00087 halt fire Spaz Shotgun
sfx00088 - sfx00089 fire Colt Python
sfx00090 - sfx00091 fire MP5
sfx00092 - sfx00094 Tommy hitting regular wall
sfx00095 - sfx00096 wood collision
sfx00097 - sfx00099 *unknown
sfx00100 garage door closed
sfx00101 - sfx00106 melee hits on car, car door left ajar, 102 garage door opened
sfx00107 - sfx00110 metal collisions (Metal Posts)
sfx00111 - sfx00114 fence collisions
sfx00115 - sfx00116 *unknown
sfx00117 *unknown (same as 097-099)
sfx00118 - sfx00121 box collisions
sfx00122 - sfx00125 bench collision (Wooden Lathes)
sfx00126 *unknown (similar to 097-099 at faster rate)
sfx00127 - sfx00131 footsteps hedge
sfx00132 door collision
sfx00133 - sfx00135 box collisions 3
sfx00136 - sfx00140 newsstands/traffic light blown (Metal Sheet explosion)
sfx00141 - sfx00142 boxes blown
sfx00143 gate collision 1
sfx00144 car scrape hard
sfx00145 gate collision 2
sfx00146 - sfx00151 glass breaking
sfx00152 Molotov Cocktail thrown
sfx00153 fire
sfx00154 car skid grass
sfx00155 after rain
sfx00156 gun shell drop hard
sfx00157 gun shell drop soft
sfx00158 bullet penetrating ped
sfx00159 - sfx00161 bullet hitting car
sfx00162 - sfx00164 bullet hitting car or ground
sfx00165 - sfx00166 blunt weapon hit
sfx00167 - sfx00170 fist fight
sfx00171 sharp weapon swing
sfx00172 - sfx00173 sharp weapon hit
sfx00174 - sfx00175 Brass knuckles/Hammer hit
sfx00176 opening/closing garage
sfx00177 car bomb tick
sfx00178 detonate
sfx00179 SFX audio adjuster
sfx00180 - sfx00265 police radio
sfx00266 *bike idle or hunter blades?
sfx00267 phone ring
sfx00268 - sfx00278 car engine at steady rpms
sfx00279 engine echo
sfx00280 - sfx00283 blank
sfx00284 - sfx00287 motorcycle engine at steady rpms
sfx00288 - sfx00298 car idling
sfx00299 - sfx00303 blank
sfx00304 - sfx00307 motorcycle idling
sfx00308 - sfx00312 airplane
sfx00313 airplane landing brakes
sfx00314 boat
sfx00315 escalator
sfx00316 fountain, boat moving over water
sfx00317 - sfx00318 boat hit water
sfx00319 boat engine at idle
sfx00320 - sfx00323 rain on car
sfx00324 fall in water
sfx00325 - sfx00326 crushing body (squish)
sfx00327 - sfx00328 blow up boxes
sfx00329 rocket ammo depleted
sfx00330 rifle ammo depleted
sfx00331 moving shooting range target, Rhino cannon rotate
sfx00332 fall land
sfx00333 jump land
sfx00334 No Escape? card swipe
sfx00335 gta3 timer
sfx00336 - sfx00337 hydraulics
sfx00338 sex in car
sfx00339 Keepie Uppy beachball
sfx00340 Degenatron arcade machine
sfx00341 - sfx00342 dodo
sfx00343 radio turned on/off
sfx00344 - sfx00355 radio tuning
sfx00356 - sfx00358 generic noise (change cam, help box, etc...), pickup noise - info, bonus, bribe, frenzy
sfx00359 - sfx00360 pickup noise - adrenaline, armor, health
sfx00361 - sfx00363 genreral pickup noise, buy weapon
sfx00364 - sfx00366 package pickup noise, race countdown, objective complete
sfx00367 - sfx00369 race go
sfx00370 timer
sfx00371 blank
sfx00372 - sfx00379 menu sounds
sfx00380 - sfx00382 radio static
sfx00383 - sfx00085 engine sounds 1 (perennial)
sfx00386 - sfx00388 engine sounds 2 (stinger)
sfx00389 - sfx00391 engine sounds 3 (yankee)
sfx00392 - sfx00394 engine sounds 4 (admiral)
sfx00395 - sfx00397 engine sounds 5 (flatbed)
sfx00398 - sfx00400 engine sounds 6 (bf injection)
sfx00401 - sfx00403 engine sounds 7 (hotring racer)
sfx00404 - sfx00406 engine sounds 8 (greenwood)
sfx00407 - sfx00409 engine sounds 9 (oceanic)
sfx00410 - sfx00412 engine sounds 10 (taxi)
sfx00413 - sfx00415 engine sounds 11 (sabre)
sfx00416 - sfx00418 engine sounds 12 (caddy)
sfx00419 - sfx00421 chainsaw
sfx00422 - sfx00424 rc
sfx00425 rc helicopter
sfx00426 - sfx00430 blank
sfx00431 - sfx00433 freeway engine
sfx00434 Freeway/Angel (chopper) wind
sfx00435 blank
sfx00436 - sfx00437 faggio engine
sfx00438 Faggio/Pizza Boy (moped) wind
sfx00439 - sfx00441 sanchez engine
sfx00442 Sanchez wind
sfx00443 - sfx00445 pcj600 engine
sfx00446 PCJ-600 wind
sfx00447 - sfx00452 blank
sfx00453 - sfx00456 hunter
sfx00457 - sfx00460 blank
sfx00461 - sfx00464 skimmer
sfx00465 Dildo Dodo low fuel ping
sfx00466 - sfx00469 blank
sfx00470 alarm
sfx00471 snoring
sfx00472 Greasy Choppers "Alloy Wheels of Steel"
sfx00473 Greasy Choppers "Messing with the Man"
sfx00474 Greasy Choppers "Hog Tied"
sfx00475 Greasy Choppers (unused)
sfx00476 Malibu Club night
sfx00477 Malibu Club day
sfx00478 Malibu Club evening
sfx00479 Pole Position night
sfx00480 Pole Position day
sfx00481 Pole Position evening
sfx00482 South Washington Beach church
sfx00483 - sfx00484  ?
sfx00485 - sfx00491 insects
sfx00492 - sfx00495 Malibu bg music
sfx00496 - sfx00500 footsteps grass
sfx00501 - sfx00505 footsteps dirt
sfx00506 - sfx00510 footsteps wood
sfx00496 - sfx00500 footsteps metal
sfx00516 - sfx00519 footsteps water
sfx00520 - sfx00523 footsteps sand
sfx00524 - sfx00713 BMYBB (rapping homie)
sfx00714 - sfx00736 vice port authority
sfx00737 - sfx00756 vice police helicopter
sfx00757 - sfx00832 oriental girl
sfx00833 - sfx00891 oriental guy
sfx00892 - sfx00972 BMYBE
sfx00973 - sfx01039 HFOBE
sfx01040 - sfx01132 asshole (sounds white)
sfx01133 - sfx01225 asshole (sounds black)
sfx01226 - sfx01320 diaz's gang
sfx01321 - sfx01417 old spanish guy
sfx01418 - sfx01513 cuban gang
sfx01514 - sfx01583 vercetti's gang
sfx01584 - sfx01653 italian guy
sfx01654 - sfx01723 mario
sfx01724 - sfx01773 surfer bodybuilder
sfx01774 - sfx01821 goomba
sfx01822 - sfx01873 goomba 2
sfx01874 - sfx01900 vice undercover
sfx01901 - sfx01953 white guy 1
sfx01954 - sfx01997 white guy 2
sfx01998 - sfx02003 guys hitting on girls
sfx02004 - sfx02032 white guy 3
sfx02113 - sfx02370 Cuban gang
sfx02371 - sfx02616 Biker gang
sfx02617 - sfx02913 Haitian gang
sfx02914 - sfx02941 female screams 1
sfx02942 - sfx02985 female grunt
sfx02986 - sfx03012 female screams 2
sfx03013 - sfx03047 male screams 1
sfx03048 - sfx03126 male grunts
sfx03127 - sfx03161 male screams 2
sfx03162 - sfx03194 cuban paramedic
sfx03195 - sfx03227 paramedic
sfx03228 - sfx03245 FBI #1
sfx03246 - sfx03260 FBI #2
sfx03231 - sfx03263 blank
sfx03264 - sfx03279 FBI #3
sfx03280 - sfx03281 blank
sfx03282 - sfx03295 SWAT #1
sfx03296 - sfx03309 SWAT #2
sfx03310 - sfx03323 SWAT #3
sfx03324 - sfx03477 WFYG1 (girl with love fist tattoo on buttcheek)
sfx03478 - sfx03541 28 (HMOCA)
sfx03542 - sfx03602 80 (WFOSH)
sfx03603 - sfx03661 77 (WFYSK)
sfx03662 - sfx03705 66 (WMYLG)
sfx03706 - sfx03805 60 (WMOBE)
sfx03806 - sfx03892 White Yuppie Lawyer that Threatens to Sue You
sfx03893 - sfx03977 51 (WMYST)
sfx03978 - sfx04051 46 (BMYPI)
sfx04052 - sfx04125 70 (WFYPR)
sfx04126 - sfx04214 WMYRI
sfx04215 - sfx04312 BMOST
sfx04313 - sfx04402 HFOST
sfx04403 - sfx04479 HMORI
sfx04480 - sfx04534 HMOTR
sfx04535 - sfx04622 HMYAP
sfx04623 - sfx04671 HFOTR
sfx04672 - sfx04714 HMOBE
sfx04715 - sfx04790 HFYBU
sfx04791 - sfx04834 HFYCG
sfx04835 - sfx04920 HMYBE
sfx04921 - sfx05002 WMOGO
sfx05003 - sfx05075 WMYCR
sfx05076 - sfx05110 WMYJG
sfx05111 - sfx05191 WMOST
sfx05192 - sfx05252 BFOTR
sfx05253 - sfx05323 WFYRI
sfx05324 - sfx05393 BFYPR
sfx05394 - sfx05453 BMYRI
sfx05454 - sfx05518 BMYBU
sfx05519 - sfx05579 WMYSK
sfx05580 - sfx05677 WMYCW
sfx05678 - sfx05759 HFYST
sfx05760 - sfx05838 HMOST
sfx05839 - sfx05911 HMYRI
sfx05912 - sfx05987 HFYPR
sfx05988 - sfx06039 HFYMD
sfx06040 - sfx06116 WFOBE
sfx06117 - sfx06194 BFYRI
sfx06195 - sfx06292 BFYBE
sfx06293 - sfx06351 BMOTR
sfx06352 - sfx06438 BMYST
sfx06439 - sfx06520 WMYPI
sfx06521 - sfx06616 BMYCR
sfx06617 - sfx06708 WMORI
sfx06709 - sfx06775 WMOBU
sfx06776 - sfx06853 BMODK
sfx06854 - sfx06922 HFYBE
sfx06923 - sfx06991 HFYRI
sfx06992 - sfx07069 BFOST
sfx07070 - sfx07131 BFORI
sfx07132 - sfx07205 BFYST
sfx07206 - sfx07270 HFORI
sfx07271 - sfx07341 WFYBU
sfx07342 - sfx07425 71 (WFOTR)
sfx07426 - sfx07493 WFYSH
sfx07494 - sfx07558 WMOTR
sfx07559 - sfx07632 BMOBE
sfx07633 - sfx07703 WMYGO
sfx07704 - sfx07770 WFYBE
sfx07771 - sfx07846 WFORI
sfx07847 - sfx07921 WFOGO
sfx07922 - sfx07974 HMYST
sfx07975 - sfx08062 WMOCA
sfx08063 - sfx08165 WMYBE
sfx08166 - sfx08231 40 (BFOBE)
sfx08232 - sfx08273 WFYLG
sfx08274 - sfx08385 WFOST
sfx08386 - sfx08468 WFYST
sfx08469 - sfx08513 White Cop 1
sfx08514 - sfx08558 White Cop 2
sfx08559 - sfx08693 White Cop 3
sfx08694 - sfx09814 Tommy's voices
sfx09815 - sfx09940 Tommy's grunts


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