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GTA III Vice City San Andreas


Checks if a button is pressed


00E1:   key_pressed [int1] [int2]


Pad - normally 0 for pad 1 (player 1), 1 for pad 2 (player 2)
Button index

Native analog


This opcode returns true if a button assigned to a function in the game is being pressed. The GXT file can help display the keys being pressed. If CLEO is installed, use opcode 0AB0 for San Andreas or 05EE for GTA III and Vice City to get a specific key on a keyboard.

Index Button On foot In a vehicle
0[*] Left / Right Steer Left / Right
1[*] Foward / Backwards Steer Foward / Backward
2[*] Special Ctrl Left / Right
3[*] Special Ctrl Up / Down
4 LEFTSHOULDER1 Action (VC, SA) Radio (VC), Secondary Fire (SA)
5 LEFTSHOULDER2 Previous Weapon / Zoom In Look Left
6 RIGHTSHOULDER1 Aim Handbrake
7 RIGHTSHOULDER2 Next Weapon / Zoom Out Look Right
8 DPADUP Forward (VC), Group Ctrl Back (SA) Next Radio Station (SA)
9 DPADDOWN Backward (VC), Group Ctrl Foward (SA) Previous Radio Station (SA)
10 DPADLEFT Strafe Left (VC), Conversation - No (SA) Steer Left (VC), No (SA)
11 DPADRIGHT Strafe Right (VC), Conversation - Yes (SA) Steer Right (VC), Yes (SA), Trip Skip (SA)
13 SELECT Change Camera
14 SQUARE Jump Brake / Reverse
15 TRIANGLE Enter / Exit
16 CROSS Sprint Accelerate
17 CIRCLE Attack
18 LEFTSHOCK Crouch (VC, SA) Horn
19 RIGHTSHOCK Look Behind Sub-mission

^ Use opcode 0494 to get specific key presses


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